1 Quick Trick to Overcome Being Camera Shy

I’ve gotten emails, and comments all week that people want to start video marketing, but the biggest problem is they are camera shy… don’t like how they look… don’t like how they sound.

For the don’t like how you look/sound I only have one thing to say… get over it. You sound and look totally different to yourself then you do to anyone else. If you want to video market ~ just do it.

One thing you can do to get over the look/sound thing though is this… make a video and then edit the hell out of it. You’ll have to keep listening and looking while you’re editing and at some point you’ll stop caring, because you’ll be focused not on YOU but on the task at hand… and it will be totally different.

As for camera shy ~ I have a HUGE tip for you on that one:

This one tip has helped more people than you’ll ever know… but when it comes down to it… doing video is all about mindset…


  1. Hi Jackie

    I have never made a video before in my life and with this technique I managed to make 5 attempts and I was happy with all of them. It was so much easier than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for this Jackie

    I would also like to offer some advice to help others get the most from this especially if you have never made a video before.

    1. Use Jackies article on “the 4 things your video needs or it won’t convert”. It really compliments this technique and allows you to prepare what you want to say. I made 5 videos and each one I ended up saying something different but at the same time relevant to what I was talking about.

    2. I covered up the screen on my laptop with a clipboard with brief notes about what I was going to say. The benefits were I concentrated more on the light of the webcam and I wasn’t distracted by my face while I was recording. Also the notes acted as an autocue that was not too far from where I was looking at the webcam.

  2. I love to always shoot a video which started as a liking to do it with my daughter but eventually when I get to see a lot of this video of just anything it makes me feel like I want to try it too and what is just so amazing about this videos is that other people even find them as marketing strategy.

  3. Great point. This is bang on- When you spend ages editing and re-editing a video of yourself, you very quickly forget that it’s you that you’re editing. It becomes all about getting the timing and composition right.

  4. This is a good post for me. I am into making videos and this would greatly help me with my work, Thanked for the information, it is very essential to me. Thanks again

  5. Thank you for this article I am very camera shy but would like to try video marketing/blogging. You have a good idea about making a video and then editing it a lot, after listening to my voice for a long period of time hopefully it will break me of my hatred of it.

    <3 Kayla

  6. I have always wanted to start a marketing with video campaign however keep placing it off due to the fact I just don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. The particular red light trick appears like something I really could use to be able to feel a little more comfortable. I’ve been practicing as you’re watching mirror from time to time to try and help me become more comfortable with how I appear and sound. Great publish and video clip Jackie, thanks for discussing.

  7. Thank you for the tip! Being a bit too self conscious makes talking in public or making videos a real nightmare.

    As you say, focusing your attention into something else other than you, while obviously still focusing on what you are saying, can work wonders.

    And yes, it takes practice. But never give up – it is amazing how you can transform into someone who is really confident and interesting, once you overcome your silly fears and self-consciousness! :-)

  8. Thank you for sharing this article.
    im new in this bussines an my problem is that im looking ugly in the camera.;)

  9. Thanks to my modeling background where I had to “get over it” I don’t have a problem with video marketing. I do find that some people do prefer to read instead of watch videos. However, you give excellent tips. Thanks!

  10. The part I have trouble with is talking to the camera like a person and not a camera. I always feel like I’m just talking to myself.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      a belief is just a thought you keep thinking… so just start thinking that you’re talking to your best friend and explaining to them what you’re talking about. Our minds are powerful, and they can work for us or against us… just make yours work for you. :)

  11. Thank you for sharing this article. I love it. Keep on writing this type of great stuff.

  12. I have always wanted to start a video marketing campaign but I keep putting it off because I just don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. The red light trick sounds like something I could use to feel a little more comfortable. I have been practicing in front of the mirror every now and then to try and help me become more comfortable with how I look and sound. Great post and video Jackie, thanks for sharing.

  13. By simply focusing on your discussion, your thoughts and your topic… everything will surely went well in the end. I can personally say that I’m a bit camera shy but I guess with lots of courage and my willingness to overcome this fear, I can excel in making my own videos for my online activities.

  14. Practice will help a lot too. It helps you master what you have to say, modulate your tone, and helps you be more dynamic since you are more at ease with what you are doing the more you practice it.

  15. I’ve never heard of the red light trick, but it’s brilliant. Video chatting is helpful too. You can practice the red light trick while talking to your friends. While they are staring at the computer screen, you’ll be making eye contact with them. And when you are talking with your friends, you are not worried about how you look or sound.

  16. The red light trick! Great tip, Jackie. Eye contact is just as important in video marketing as it is in making speeches and conversing in real life. It conveys sincerity and conviction. Practice will help a lot too. It helps you master what you have to say, modulate your tone, and helps you be more dynamic since you are more at ease with what you are doing the more you practice it. Also, putting on a little make up and making yourself presentable for the camera will probably help boost your confidence.

  17. This was totally timely because I was just planning this type of thing and looking for advice on how to do it! You answered all of my questions brilliantly, thanks!

  18. I really liked the video and will try to apply these techniques. Thank you for making it seem so easy as it’s given me the courage to try!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Victoria ~ in the words of Yoda: “There is no try… only do”. :) Decide you’re going to do something and then just do it!

  19. Hey there, I liked the red ot trick too! How did you come up with all of this great advice?! Kudos!

  20. I hope to be able to apply these excellent tips! I’m glad you posted them and feel I need to practice them.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      It starts with taking words like “hope” out of your vocabulary. Words like hope, and want leave room for failure. Decide to start implementing these strategies and making great videos and you’ll find yourself doing it. Failure isn’t an option. :D

  21. Jackie,

    I love the red dot trick! So simple, but so very effective. I’ve been behind the camera creating lots of videos using Animoto, but I can see the value of getting over the camera shyness, taking the plunge and making the “human connection” with my readers.

    Thanks again for excellent advice!

  22. Now red light will become my friend))))))))) It sounds really funny at first sight, but in fact it’s really true and can be very useful for camera-shy people. MOre over your video can give all of them much more confidence in it, because you feel free while making this video! Thanks a lot!

  23. Hi Jackie,

    I have to admit that I have been very guilty of replaying my videos to myself & freaking out thinking that no-one would want to watch / listen to me!!!!!!!!!!! But you`re absolutely right I just have to get over it.

    You really do come over really well on video & it proves to me that video makes a better connection between people.

    I will definitely be making & publishing more videos from now on!

    Take care

  24. Hey, Jackie – thanks so much for this great little video. I’m sitting here contemplating having to do a series of vids in the next few weeks, and feeling kind of overwhelmed by the whole process. Although I’m an experienced public speaker, I’m *not an experienced vlogger at all. I appreciate this tip for making eye contact with the viewer, and your point about practice is well taken. Your enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious. Thanks for making it seem easy. :)

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