Who is Jackie Lee? My IM Story

Product Lens Process

Grab the MIND MAP to follow along

** 1.  Keyword research **

Find a product

Choose keywords with good search volume

Check the competition level for your keyword

How to find keywords if your product has no search volume

Where do your keywords fit in the buying cycle?

An easier way to do keyword research (micro niche finder)

** 2. Build a Quality Lens **

Intro module

First text, Most Important Thing and Poll Modules

How to get html from Amazon

How to figure out benefits of your product

Create a visual call to action (the most important thing module)

Reviews text module and adding a video

Big Arrow Module ~ also getting html to make a clickable link video

Big Arrow, RSS and Guestbook Modules

Create keyword anchor text links to your product ~ here’s the html code for links

** Things to consider while building lenses **

Relevant content and products

On page SEO (search engine optimization)

A lens review to make sure your on the right track

What to do if you’re not an amazon associate

How to get much faster at building lenses

Need someone to build the lens  for you?

Increase conversion rate by telling a story.

Christmas is over… now what?!?

** 3. Build backlinks backlinks backlinks **

Know the purpose of what you’re doing

Build the “right” kind of links

Submit your RSS feeds

Post on free ad blogs

Create a free blog

How to use UAW to add free blog content

More information about starting and using a free blog

Article marketing with EZA

Build links with mass article submission

Build links with web 2.0 sites

Backlinks with Wetpaint

Backlinks with Google Knol

Ideas for backlinking content ~ product benefits

Everything you ever wanted to know about backlinking

after a week check to see if you’re indexed

What to do if your not indexed or have been deindexed

Staying Motivated and Focused

Setting goals and staying focused

Do this today to move forward

Have a plan to get your lenses to page 1 of Google

Create an entrepreneurial mindset

How to use this method to promote your own store and stuff

How to overcome overwhelm

Overcome Unrealistic Expectations

How do I know what to write and where to put it?

How your point of view affects your business

What’s the one thing I can do to make more sales?

Make sure you have a support system in place

But… how do I get Traffic?

Choosing a Long Term Internet Marketing Strategy

Setting goals and choosing a strategy for the next 6 months

Internet Marketing strategies ~ pros and cons of each

What I would do if I only had 2 hours a day to work online

What kind of blog should I build?

Should you be a blogger?

How to Build a Niche Blog

How to do keyword research for a niche blog

101 Niche Ideas

Choosing and Registering a domain name

Which hosting should I get?

How to change your nameserver

How to add on a domain at your hosting

How to install wordpress

Choosing blog settings and your theme

Installing your theme and plugins

How to configure your plugins

How to FTP files

How to install stat tracking on your blog

Organizational tools to help stay on track

Tips to create a quality blog

How to use the new Amazon features at Blogger

How to use the wordpress text editor

Creating an Authority Blog

What does it take to be an authority blogger?

Identify your market

How to choose a domain name

Forwarding nameservers and installing wordpress

Choosing a theme

Adding plugins

Must have pages

How to write a blog post

Title keywords ~ how to write great post titles

Monetize your blog posts

Formatting blog posts

Content Creation

How to write list posts

How to write articles

How to write reviews

How to use quick tips

How to write tutorial posts

How to use definitions for content

Write an op ed piece

Using plr ~ plr basics

8 Ways to create content with plr

Write Q and A posts

Using Youtube Videos

Create podcasts

50 Ideas for Blog Content

Repurpose your content to make it go farther

Social Networking

How to get started with social bookmarking

How to add social networking buttons to your blog

How to Get More Traffic

5 tips to get website traffic fast

How to use RSS to get more web traffic

Using Keyword and commentluv blogs

Twitter Action Plan

Niche Directories

Creating links with Backlink Packets

Article Marketing


Repurpose your content

Get started on Twitter

Guest Posting

Email Groups

Forum Marketing

Blog Commenting

Use RSS for More Traffic

List Building

What to do with non performing sites

Build your list from the very beginning!

Free Report Writing Tips

Upload report so you can give it away

How to set up an autoresponder campaign

Add an opt in box to your sidebar

Create a squeeze page ~ squeeze page software

Create autoresponder messages

Newsletter ideas for content

Uploading your newsletter to your autoresponder

How to use PLR

Find a niche and keywords with PLR

To make life easier