Backlinking Basics

We all know backlinking is super important… links pointing to our sites are what will help pull them up in the search results for our targeted keyword… however, it’s super easy to say backlinking’s important… but when you’re getting started it can be tough to know exactly what that means!

Today I thought I’d talk about some of the regular questions I get about backlinking.

1. My backlinks aren’t showing up, what gives?!

My first question to you is going to be, “when do you do them”. My guess is going to be that you just did them within the last week or so.

Here’s the deal with backlinking… it takes time! That’s why if you want to be on top for holiday shopping you need to get started NOW! (or yesterday would be better).

It takes Google time to find your links, and to take them into account.

2. My ranking isn’t changing! What gives?!

Again, my question is how long have you been building links, and how consistently?

It’s pretty easy to get geared up one day and go out and build a bunch of links. However, it’s MUCH better for your site, and your rankings to do your link building consistently over time. If you even find a way to build 5 links a day and do that every day until Christmas you’ll be riding high! Promise.

These days while the number of links are important, what’s really important is how consistently those links are showing up over time.

3. How do I make a clickable html link?!

You use this code:

<a href=””>Your targeted keywords here</a>

This code will make your targeted keywords here clickable… and when someone clicks it will go to So… make sure you put your actual website url in that part of the code, and your actual keywords in that part. :)

4. What about anchor text? Should I vary it, stay the same, what?!

It really depends on what you’re doing. If you’re building link suns or something similar, I’d suggest using your primary targeted keyword in the first ring… those big sites that link directly to your money site. However, when you start creating other sites to back those sites up, I’d say use other keywords as your anchor text. They can be related, or even click here… for that level of linking.

5 How do I know where to build links and where they should point?!

I’d say create a system, and get organized. There are hundreds, if not thousands of free sites where you can add your own content. You can google free blogging platform, or something similar and find tons of places where you can create an account and add your content (with a link to your money site of course!).

It is important to have at least some sites pointing directly at your money site, but you also want to have links pointing to the links pointing to your money site. (That’s what the link sun is all about). You’re creating more authority to the links that are pointing to your money site by linking to them as well. That additional authority pointing to your money site will only help it do better.

It seems counter intuitive… it feels like you should point all your links to your money site, but it’s really a better idea to point some there, and then boost those up with even more links.

Damn… this is all so confusing! 

It definitely can be. A while back I created a system to help people get organized and actually get their linking done. It’s called Backlinking 101.

Back then I was pretty adamant about only giving one linking assignment at a time. I know how hard it is to keep up with everything, and I REALLY wanted people to get through the program, get their links created and SEE the powerful difference it can make.

However… it’s getting late in the year, and if you want to get started now you don’t really have the luxury of taking 4 months to get through this whole course…. SO I’ve done something I didn’t think I’d ever do…

I’m offering all the content of Backlinking 101 up front… instant access. 

So you no longer will only get one assignment at a time… you’ll get access to everything all at once. I am still sending out the assignment emails. Hopefully this will help keep you focused and remind you that you need to do some linking. :)

Oh, and one other thing… I decided since I was giving it all to you up front, that it really only seemed fair to have a one time price. So I changed that too.

Instead of 4 monthly installments, it’s now just a 1 time payment.

If you feel confused, or frustrated about your link building and you want to get it under control and really ramp up your sites before the holiday shopping rush, Backlinking 101 might be just the perfect thing for you.

You can check out the whole she bang  at

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  1. These are some pretty valuable pieces of advice here. In actuality, the baclinking process is quite straightforward. The tasks involved are many and tend to be tedious, which makes everything seem complicated and confusing.

  2. Thank you for sharing the backlinking info. You make a great point, 5 links a day does not seem like much now but will make a big difference in the big picture. I will check out link tracker too.

  3. Nice post! It’s really important to be consistent in your backlinking efforts. Sometimes it can be a real chore – but the results are well worth it.

    BTW – that’s the first time I have heard the term “link suns”. I like it, it’s closer to what I usually do than “link wheels”.

  4. Building backlins consistently can make a huge difference, the only problem with this method is when you buy your link packs. But eventually you could buy them at regular times and call it consistent, depending on how fast they get indexed.

    • Michael,
      This post didn’t mention anything about buying backlink packs at all. :) This is a program that will systematically take you through the process of building your own links so you can keep doing it over and over. You mentioned in your last comment about how the fact not knowing how to do something keeps you from doing it… this was the solution to the problem of not knowing how to do backlinking… here it is. Lined out, step by step. :)

  5. Being consistent in building a link is a very important task. Actually, that’s the best strategy done by most people to market their site. However, they used to build huge amount of links then stop for a while then build again then stop… same process. They do not spend time to religiously have that link building habit.

  6. This is a nice intro for beginners. I checked out your link suns too. I’ve never heard them called that before, but I agree that link wheels are too obvious with linking to each other as well as the money site. I like the term “link suns.” It seems fitting.

  7. doing a good backlink bulding campaign is not easy and it requires a constant and patient work. There are many ways as you say, but I think that 5 links / day is a bit too much for me. Google is very smart and knows how to catch you, so I prefer to build about 4-7 links / 2 days and it will seem more natural for search engines.

  8. I think it’s always necessary to get a refresher on the basics…backlinking included. in my opinion, the one thing many seem not to realize is the fact it takes time. Not only for the search engines to find your links, but to find the appropriate locations to place your link.

  9. I have my site set up on Blogger and was thinking about WordPress this morning because I keep hearing about all the fabulous plug-ins. But after reading this article, I wonder if it’s really all that different than Blogger. Would there be a MAJOR advantage to switching to WP? If so, what?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      The biggest advantage is you would actually own your content. :) When you use a free platform they own your site… they have the power to delete it when they feel the need. You may think this will never happen to you, but it’s happened to me, and it’s happened to a LOT of people I know… so if you’re running a business I would only use blogger as a supportive element, and not for my main site.

  10. Great points here! You’ve actually explained everything clearly that will surely help new comers with their online journey.

    Based from my experience, it’s really confusing to build those backlinks to your site. The process can be very tedious and confusing as well. But once get used to it, everything will surely be easy. But I have one question here, about using free blogging platform, etc… What contents would you suggest? I mean if I have 10 free blogs to support my main site, all of these need to have contents right? Can I just create one article for all the blogs or I really need to find a way to provide different content for each blog? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Mark,

      I suggest you check out the backlinks backlinks backlinks section on the articles page… while it’s referencing squidoo lenses the process is the same for any “main site”. The link “Ideas for backlinking content ~ product benefits” will probably answer your question.

      • Yeah! Thanks! I was able to read the article: Ideas for backlinking content. Looks like we must actually focus more with the benefits of knowing the topic or the product itself (in we want to focus on amazon sites). We only need to be more creative and think outside the box so we can be very open in discovering the relation of one topic to the other.

  11. From what I learn with Google. It doesn’t show all your links but only the quality one. It takes time to build reliable links that Google acknowledges. For me, 5- 6 links a day is enough for Google not to see as a spammer.

    Backlinks are essential so we should be cautious whom to link with.

  12. Awesome post, thanks for the offer, my experience say that consistency is the most important thing in building links, for the long run it is good to build a routine that support it, this way you are not focusing on the results and they will come even faster

  13. great article, you really gave me some good points, consistency and time eh?

  14. Stephan Hilson says:

    I also wondered the same thing about backlinking. Then I read about the consistency of putting the backlinks everyday. I was thinking that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication of keeping the same number of links on a daily basis. Maybe I will later check you backlink 101 website so that I could learn more tips on backlinking.

  15. think you nailed all the typical link-building questions. I have a real love-hate relationship with link-building. Hate doing it manually, but it has to be done to rank high. I outsource whenever possible. And utilizing article/blog networks whenever possible.

  16. By the way – love the new look. Looking forward to your future posts!!!

  17. Backlinking is so important to online success. I will always be thankful for the Backlinking 101 course and now that I’m back online (after major move), I’m going to go through again with another website and see how things work out. I don’t think I did a very good job on the keyword part before – didn’t really understand what I was doing until I got a ways into the course. Next time should work out better.

    I’m hearing more and more about sites being hacked and had a problem with one of mine not too long ago. We really need to be on the alert, don’t we! Unfortunately, adding to the stress we don’t need.

    Glad you have a quiet couple of hours to work – we’re looking forward to what you come up with. :)

  18. Backlinking is confusing, but important. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, especially since I try to stick to free tools to do it.

    I would add that it’s important to keep track of the links that you make though, otherwise things can get really hairy. Here’s a link to a free tool to do that (you have to sign up to his newsletter):

    Also, this isn’t related, but was very sorry to hear about the hacking Jackie. Here’s a link to John Chow’s list of 10 things to do to secure your WordPress blog:

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I agree, it is very important to keep track of your links! You can easily find yourself doing the same work over and over if you don’t. I haven’t seen this link tracker so thanks for the link, I’ll take a look. Also thanks for the link re: wp security. I must admit I SUCK at all the things you’re “supposed” to do to keep your site safe. Like a teenager, I just never really thought it would happen to me. I’ve taken some pretty drastic measures… and started doing the things I am supposed to do to keep my sites safe… I’ll take a look at John’s post. :)

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