Share Your Vacation In a Way Your Readers Will Love

It is that time of year… vacation time. It seems everyone is going on vacation and coming home to blog about it. I do love seeing the pictures, and hearing about your fun times… but I would enjoy it much more if somehow related to the topic of your blog. I do come and read your blog regularly because it’s about something I am interested in… so while I love to get to know you, I’d love it even more if I could get something topic related out of it too.

Here’s some examples:

Book Bloggers ~

If you’re an avid reader, and your blog is all about reading books ~ why not tell me the books you took on vacation with you? Tell me how you found time to read on vacation! Give me a list of the juiciest beach reads I could take with me ~ in between the pictures of your fantastic time.

Food Bloggers ~

So much of vacation is the food! Share with me what you ate, what you made, where you ate… those are the things I want to know. Did you do your own cooking ~ how did it work? Give me some tips to make cooking on my next family vacation easier.

Save Money Bloggers ~

I’m assuming you took an affordable vacation ~ share with me how you did it! Where did you save the money? What did you splurge on? Is there a place I can get a discount if I decide to vacation in the same place? Are there places I can go to get a discount on a wider variety of vacation destinations? I’m excited to see your pics, but give me something that’s going to help me too!

Kid Bloggers ~

Please… give me some tips for fun things to keep my kiddo engaged and learning even while we’re on vacation. Where did you go that they loved? Where did you go that they hated? What crafts or projects did you do while you were on vacation? What is there to learn from swimming in a wave pool? Blogging about special needs kids ~ please… give me some tips on how you managed your vacation with a special needs child. Did you find ways to accommodate your kiddo? Were hotels, businesses willing to accommodate you or provide ways to make your visit easier? Those are the kind of places I want to support if I have a kiddo with disabilities, and I probably don’t know about them!

Internet Marketing Bloggers ~

Marketing ideas ABOUND on vacation… please tell me ideas you got for your business while you were on vacation! Did a hotel do something extraordinary that you can find a twist on to implement in your business? I know as an IM blogger my mind is always on marketing… I can find the most interesting ideas even while out to at dinner at Road House. Please, share with us any marketing ideas that came to you while you were swimming in the ocean!

Craft Bloggers ~

Tell us about that one of a kind piece you picked up, or the shells you gathered and how you’re going to use them. Talk to us about the crafty things your kids did. Talk to us about any inspiration you got from your hotel, or something you saw while on vacation ~ I still remember the color of the sky when I went fishing with my Dad the summer before my Senior year of High School. Those vacation memories stick, and they can turn into something wonderful.

Travel Bloggers ~

Please, tell us where you went, where you got good deals, where the food was good, where we should go. Share it all. If I’m reading your blog I am looking to go somewhere (or at least enjoy the thought of going somewhere) so please, share with us what you have learned in your travels to your vacation destination.

It’s really fun to share your vacation stories, and we as your readers are eager to hear them, and get to know you better for them. Find a way to relate your vacation to the topic of your blog and we’ll be even happier. :) If you can’t find a way to make your vacation topic related then I would probably think twice about writing about it.

What about you? Have you written a vacation post? Did it relate to the topic of your blog? Do you see how you could have written it differently to maintain your topic for your readers? Let me know in the comments. :)

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  1. gatesruth.gates says:

    Among these types, I am the travel blogger. I love to travel and I love to write my experiences so that people would know how beautiful life can be.- <a href=””>Ruth Gates</a>

  2. This is a great way to use a vacation trip in ANY type of blog, not just the obvious travel ones… Thanks for the tips, I have a few friends who could definitely benefit from this.

  3. Great tips on how to make vacation be a useful blog post to all blog owners out there. All bloggers must do is to let their imagination work for them to be able to come up with a great idea for their blog.

  4. My vacation is really boring, since i didn’t actually get one. The huge work volume (i only blame myself for this) has kept me glued to this chair all summer. At least now i know what not to do if i want to take a break next year, i need to stop answering phones.

  5. Mine would look like this:

    1. Waking up at 6am
    2. Working from 8:30am to 6pm
    3. Studying for my exams (not over yet, no)
    4. writing posts – not on any vacation.

  6. I’ve been trying harder to do this as I’ve begun to explore more issues on my blog, which is focused on american consumerism and specifically buying made in usa goods. I did go to the beach this summer and used it as the basis for a post about a company that sells lightweight, bamboo based clothing that is naturally UV-protective, perfect for the beach. I used photos of me and my family wearing the gear at the beach to review them, and I think it turned out nicely!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      That’s perfect! Exactly what I was talking about… and I bet your readers truly appreciated it!

  7. Michael says:

    I think you are absolutely right. There should be some added value in to what we bloggers give to our readers.
    After all, they do read our stuff and this is intimacy to a certain level, so why not taking it a step forward ?

    Thanks for the good advice and examples you gave here

  8. Great ideas! I write a health blog and just wrote a post about what to eat on vacation. I outlined my diet while traveling and posted tons of pics – personal and informative. People loved it!

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