Commentluv and Keywordluv: What the heck are they?

In a recent post I wrote about blog commenting there seemed to be a lot of confusion around how to use commentluv and keywordluv,  so I thought I’d take a post and explain what they are, and how best to use them, both on your site, and in your business.

Commentluv and Keywordluv are both wordpress plugins. They are plugins that create links to your site when you comment on someone’s blog who has them installed. Keywordluv creates a link to your site that uses your anchor text in the name field of the comment. This way you can use your name (so you’re not a spammy goofball) and get a link with your anchor text as well.

Here’s how keywordluv works.

You find a blog that is using keywordluv. (This blog is one of them) You will probably see a note in the comment area that lets you know they are using keywordluv… like this one:

When you see this note you know instead of trying to just stuff your keywords in the name field to get an anchor text link you can use your name and your keywords, and your keywords will be the only thing linked to your site.

Here’s how you do it.

In the name field of the comment area you put in your name @your keywords. It will look like this:

Jackie @Internet Marketing Simplified

Then in the url field you put your site url. I’d put

(and enter your email address in the email field)

Make a meaningful and helpful comment and then hit the publish button.

When you publish your comment you’ll find that only your keywords (Internet marketing simplified in this example) will be linked to your site. This provides you a great anchor text link back to your site.

Why would a site owner want to do this?

A couple reasons. As bloggers we like to help other bloggers out. The best way to help people out is to give them a link to their site… and keyword anchor text link is even better. :)

It also encourages people to leave comments on your site ~ which is great for you. It builds community, and provides new content for the spiders to come check out  ~ which brings them to your site regularly and often.

When you’re leaving a comment, remember to read the notes in the comment section… they’ll let you know what you can do on each site. Keywordluv does give you the option to not leave a note at the bottom, so if you don’t see one, go through the other comments, hover over the links connected to the name ~ see if they are all just connected to the name, or if they have a name and keywords with just keywords linked up ~ if they do, they’re using keywordluv, and you can use the name @ keyword in the name field of your comment.

Here’s how Commentluv works:

Commentluv is a little bit different. It’s automatic, and you don’t really need to do anything more than put the url of your site in the url field of the comment. Commentluv does the rest. Once you’ve added the url and start typing your comment you’ll see commentluv will pull up the last blog post you’ve published. It will use the title of that blog post as the anchor text, and create a link in your comment back to that post.

If a site is using commentluv they will probably have a little icon at the bottom of the comments area. You can see it in the image above. There may be a place where you can check the box if you don’t want a link from your last post to show up.

If you don’t see the icon at the bottom, look through the comments on the page ~ the blog owner may have just decided not to add the icon at the bottom. If you see something like “so and so’s last blog post… in the comments above you that means the blog is using comentluv.

Now, not all blogs use commentluv, in fact, probably, most blogs DON’T use commentluv. If you are using blog commenting as a linking strategy it’s a good idea to try to find some that are. If you want to look for blogs in your niche that are using commentluv you can go to Google and search for them. Simply put in the search box:

your keyword commentluv enabled

(of course substitute your keyword with your actual keyword lol). This will bring you up a list of sites that are related to your niche that are using commentluv. Go in, take a look at the site, the posts, get a feel for them and if you like the site, go ahead and leave a comment. If you really like the site, go ahead and add it to your RSS reader (or Igoogle) so you can go back when they post again. This is how you not only get links, but also become part of a community. :)

Should you use commentluv and keywordluv on YOUR site?

It’s up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages to using these plugins.

1. If you’re doing a niche site they can be nice because people will google their niche (as I suggested above) and come to your site and leave comments because they’ll be getting a link from a related site… on the flip side, they may leave sucky spammy comments and you’ll spend time deleting them.

2. If you’re building an authority site, where you want to build community I think it’s a good idea to add them. That way you give people a reason to leave a comment, and you make it easy for people in your community to get to know one another. (It’s easy to have something catch your eye in a commentluv link and go check it out).

You’ll have to decide whether using these plugins is right for you or not. Remember, you don’t have to use both of them. You can install only one. If you’re thinking about starting with commentluv and keywordluv I’d start with commentluv. I have found you get less spam comments with commentluv. Once I added keywordluv to my sites I started getting a lot more spam… everyone and their brother is looking for a keyword anchor text link. :)

I hope that helps you better understand the commentluv and keywordluv plugins. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks for explaining this, it seems a really good system, I am definitely going to add it to my site.

  2. Yes, two great plugins! They are allowing bloggers to get more interaction with their visitors. Hopefully, you get good comments and not a bunch of spam but then again that’s what Akismet is for! Thank you!

  3. I give a lot of respect to people that add these plugins to there blogs. These are the people that truly want to give something back to the net, and not just take!

  4. I think these plugins are great, i don’t know why people are complaining. It works for me.

  5. Thank you so veryh for making this very complex subject so easy to read and understand! Your instructions are even easier to understand than some I’ve seen on the wp site! I really appreciate your work! Kim

  6. I have just dicovered Keywordluv. It leaves a backlink with your keyword which is grea. Luv it.

  7. They both are great plug-ins. I think more people should use the keywordluv plugin, it certainly makes a difference from not having it as people don’t tend to contribute as much as when you do have it. It’s really useful to get backlinks to web pages and increase traffic and the bloggers get their comments they need! Thanks

  8. Thank you.
    This information is very useful for me who are still learning about building a good site. and hopefully I can get the information could be useful for my site at a later date.

  9. Thanks for the great info on how these work Jackie! I just added CommentLuv to my site so I’m excited to see how it works.

  10. Very well explained.Both of them are awesome source to drive traffic and get fantastic experts comment.s

  11. Hey I think these plugins are great. They benefit both the blog owner and the one posting a commit. I have just recently added comment luv to my blog.

  12. Thanks for the tips Jackie, I’ve recently built a website that I’m now considering switching to wordpress, and this has given me some ideas….

  13. Found this post after I got frustrated and google’d “why people set keywordluv to no follow”. I’m finding a LOT of sites that use KeywordLuv but set it to no-follow, thereby invalidating any SEO benefits it would otherwise confer. I just can’t see the point of that, it still attracts spammers but doesn’t reward people who honestly try to leave a relevant comment. I know that it’s important to build a varied link profile and not just have do-follow links, but wasn’t the original purpose of plugins like CommentLuv and KeywordLuv to reward legitimate commentators with some Google benefits? I guess I’m just a little too new to this internet marketing thing, just got a little frustrated.

  14. I think that anything that will increase the amount of traffic you get to your blog has to be classified as a good thing. Keyword and commentluv reward comments that expand the conversation and they motivate writers to submit comments of a higher quality

  15. You article was quite helpful for understanding the pros and cons for blog owners. I’ve noticed that some blogs have KeywordLuv installed but actually don’t allow any keywords in the name field. Others never approve comments with keywords in the name field even though these comments are very useful and related. Do you know the reason for this? Why would a blog owner install this plugin, but then basically not allow viewers to use its function? My theory is that they are just as bad as spammers. They want to drive up traffic to their site by pretending to allow anchor text.

  16. Hey Jackie, This is my first time to your blog and I am impressed with what you are doing. This post in particular is very clear and easy to understand, so thank you for that. I have been thinking about going the “dofollow” route for a while but never considered, or knew much about keyword/commentluv. I have decided to start off with keywordluv, and I am either going to use a plugin as you do to make the comments “dofollow” or change the WP code. I read somewhere else that you should try and keep your plugins to a minimum which is why I was thinking about changing the code, but wondered whether you had an opinion on the maximum amount of plugins a blog should really have? From what I understand if you have too many it just slows it down and can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Thanks!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      your site’s load time can affect its ranking, and some plugins can slow load time, but they are usually the ones that pull images, or have to query the database. Simple plugins don’t seem to really make much of a difference. I think there’s 19 plugins running on this site right now… yeah I could probably go through at this point and weed some out..

  17. I agree with using keywordluv and commentluv. Although you will get a fair amount of spam, it can be deleted, and the traffic is much higher for your blog than without them.

  18. well – commentluv and keyword luv may bring a lot of “i comment just for the link- visitors” but i made the experience that some of those visitors are coming back constantly and comment on other articels and become a blogreader or even subscribe to my feeds.

    All in all in my opinion comment- and keywordluv is a great way to get new readers, but comes at the cost of more spam.

  19. Thanks for this info. Your readers need to also understand that once they download and install KeywordLuv or CommentLuv, they also have to enable a DoFollow plugin, otherwise they default to NoFollow. They can get this DoFollow plugin at…and, no that is not an affiliate link, it’s just a free plugin.


  20. Thanks for clearing up the difference with these plugins. I found your blog via a search explaining the two. Well done.


  21. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for all your helpful posts and for going out of your way to help all of your fans!

    Could you please show me how to make a text anchor link back to my site when there is no keywordluv or commentluv , for example at this site:

    I’ve often wondered about this.


    • Jackie Lee says:

      You probably don’t. Most bloggers will delete comments that use just keywords in the name field ~ or have a link in the comment. However, if you want to try your luck you would simply use the regular old html you use to make a clickable link anywhere else. :) Otherwise just use your name in the name field and it will create a link to your name. Having some variety in your link profile (such as links with just your name) is a good thing ~ it looks very natural.

  22. When I was starting out, I also had the same question – “What the heck are they? What can they do?” Ah, those were the days…

  23. ComLuv is a fantastic tool which I have been using for my sites keyword link building campaigns. Your sites receive great quality backlinks from high PR sites just like this one. All links are Do Follow and what is also great it that most site cache you link so that your link doesn’t disappear in a couple of weeks.

    Well Done and a big thank you to Andy Bailey CommentLuv founder.

  24. This article has been really helpful in clarifying the the use of the KeywordLUV and CommentLUV plugins in words that I can follow and understand. As I am not, yet, at the “geek” level, I appreciate simple explanations. Thank you for a “down to earth” article.

  25. Great points, I am always searching for informative information like this! Thanks for sharing, now I know
    what’s the difference of commentluv and keyworkluv. I have been using these to look for relevant sites.
    This is good points for site owner and the readers. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Keyword luv is really good way to get do follow backlink.It’s so refreshing to find articles like the ones you post on your site. Very informative reading. I will keep you bookmarked. Thanks!

  27. Super blog post on how to use them both.
    You can btw find blogs that uses Keywordluv, the same way you do with commentluv.

    You write that you get a lot more spam when using keywordluv.
    How much is it, and doesn’t the real comments outweigh the spam.?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      yes, you can find kwluv blogs the same way… great point. I can’t say how much spam you’re going to get because I have no idea what your niche is or how much traffic you’re getting, or where you’re ranked… know what I mean? It will be different for everyone… whether the spam outweighs the real comments will vary for everyone as well. You’ll just have to try it and see what happens for you.

      • Thx for the reply

        I´ll give it a go,to se if it will give more comments, because I could definitely use some more comments.

        • Jackie Lee says:

          if you really want more comments the best way to get them is to get out there, and start developing relationships with people in your niche… get people to your site. A plugin alone is not going to get you more comments ~ you’ll have to write great content that is worth commenting on… also ask a question at the end of your post ~ something for them to reply to in the comments. That works really well for getting more comments.

          • Hi I do work on relationships with in my field, but the big problem is that the niche on my personal blog is whiplash injuries and it´s very small niche.

            But unfortunately the problem isn´t that I lack the visitors, because both of my blogs gets between 20 and 50 visitors a day.
            And acording to Google Analytics, and they use in average about 4 min. on the blog.
            But I would definitely start by asking a question at the end of my posts

            Thx for all the tips. :o )

  28. Hi Jackie,
    I found this blog super helpful. I am so new at blogging and let me tell you….it takes HOURS to figure stuff out, especially if you are used to the old school way of doing business.
    Do you know of any tutorials on how to put these comment boxes on sites?
    Thanks…oh…once I hit post comment, let’s see if I did it correctly!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      comment boxes are just part of the wordpress software. All you have to do is install wordpress and you have comment boxes. :)

  29. Hey there, hot momma Jackie. Now, before you delete this comment as spam, I’d like you to know how relieved I am to find this particular post while looking for info about CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. I’ve been mulling over using either or both for quite some time now. I’ve learned how to use them—as a blog commenter. But, I still have not made up my mind regarding which one to use on my blog, or whether to use both at the same time. Until I found your post, I mistakenly believed they were incompatible.

    You see, my site is about gifts, giving, generosity, kindness, and love. I was thinking I should be truer to my philosophy and be more consistent by also being generous with link juice (not that I have a lot of juice to squeeze—at least not yet at this time).

    Judging by your responses to some of the comments, it now becomes apparent to me that CommentLuv might be good for starters, and later on, implement KeywordLuv. Or, would you recommend otherwise? I also read somewhere that for KeywordLuv to work, I need a DoFollow plugin. What DoFollow plugin would you recommend?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hey Elmer,
      You don’t have to have a dofollow plugin, but it’s what makes it worth it for people. :) I don’t have a dofollow plugin that is particularly better than others. I just grabbed the first one I found… it seems to work fine. I would probably start with commentluv and if you want later add keywordluv. The only problem with that is if you don’t have kw luv you may find a lot of people just leaving their keywords in the name field, instead of their actual name. It will be up to you whether you want to publish those comments or not.

      • Witwew! That was quick, Momma. :-) I was expecting to read your reply later when I wake up. Right now, I’m playing with a local installation of KeywordLuv and CommentLuv. I’m also checking the DoFollow plugin by Semiologic. I can’t seem to figure out a way to make in-comment links nofollow, as the Semiologic plugin applies dofollow globally.

        Jackie, I’m also curious about why your comment form doesn’t use a CAPTCHA of some sort. Any particular reason for that?

        • Jackie Lee says:

          I don’t use captcha because I find it very annoying. :) I have my comments set so a person has to have 1 published comment for it to go live immediately. otherwise they come to me so I can take a look and approve/disapprove. I really HATE having to jump through a million hoops to have my comment published, so I don’t do it here.

          • That makes sense. I myself would feel tired if I’m made to jump through a million hoops. When you scrapped CAPTCHA protection, did you notice a surge in spam comments? CAPTCHA, I’ve been told, is supposed to fend off spam bots (although not human spammers).

        • Jackie Lee says:

          oh… and I don’t publish comments with links in the comments (I figure I’m already giving you 2 links… ) so the global setting doesn’t really matter much to me.

        • Jackie Lee says:

          I’ve never used captcha so I wouldn’t know. It’s always just been akismet… and moderate first comments.

  30. I use CommentLuv and a Dofollow plug-in on both my blogs. The most important thing for anyone adding them to know is that you need a good spam checker. You don’t want spam commenters using your blog to grown their network. I use Askimet, but there are others.

    Great explanation of both!

  31. Hi Jackie. This is my first comment on your blog and first time on your site. Very nice place to be and very nice little community commenting here.

    “The best way to help people out is to give them a link to their site… and keyword anchor text link is even better. :)
    It also encourages people to leave comments on your site ~ which is great for you. It builds community, and provides new content for the spiders to come check out ~ which brings them to your site regularly and often.”

    So 100% true, simple and brilliant with 2-3 sentences.

  32. Thanks for the nice explanation. I’ve read a little bit about CommentLuv before, but didn’t quite “get it” until now. I’m thinking about using it, but since mine is a really new blog, I wonder if I should be worried that if I use it, I’ll be passing link juice right back out of my site? I don’t want to be selfish, but maybe I should let my site age a little bit first.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I guess that depends on what kind of site you’re building. If you’re wanting to have mostly search traffic then maybe you should wait. If you’re hoping to create a community of return visitors then I’d go ahead and install it now. Just have to make decisions based on how they affect where you’re trying to get. :)

  33. I notices Commentluv will add a new link in the bottom of the comment, just like the comments in this site. For keywordluv, this is the first time I read about it, usually I just post my name. I see that this site uses keywordluv so I’m gonna try it in this comment. Thanks for your explanation!

  34. I have been placing my name as above, I was wondering if this was the right way, I have used a space between my name and @ and then between @ and the keyword. I really wanted to know if this was the correct way to get the post to show correctly when posted. I will check back to see, that is if you post this comment, if not, please email me with the info. I can’t find this information anywhere else. I just don’t want everything all bunched together when posted and need to know if spaces are necessary because they don’t show below the comment box. Thanks.

  35. Very informative post about commentluv and keywordluv. Keywordluv is one of my favourite plugins as it allows people to get the backlinks they need for their webpages in order to drive more traffic to them. Also a great way to have people contribute to your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  36. As you said Commentluv gives less spam than keywordluv. Anyway these plugins are useful in attracting visitors from niche sites and you can as well have a look up on them and get to know what’s on what site about the things relevant to you.

  37. Hey Jackie, sorry for not including my name :P

  38. Hi Jackie, thanks for this post about using comment and keyword luv.

    I followed your instructions so I hope I did it right

  39. Hi Jackie! Thank you for explaining the nature of these wonderful plugins to other bloggers. I think KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are just awesome WP plugins for a dofollow blog. I wish more bloggers took them on.

  40. I use both and have found each very effective. I have one suggestion to avoid having a spam filled inbox disaster- simply set up an email account through gmail to use when you are using these tools. That way, the majority of the spam will run to an address that is not your primary account.

  41. Both commentluv and keywordluv definitely increase the number of valuable comments to my sites. When I did not regularly use them on my sites I was hard pressed to get as many decent comments as I do now but like you say, bloggers can perform a search in Google and eventually land on your site.

    • I have commentluv and love the way it works for the commentor and the blogger. I some5imes question keywordluv though because it is all for the commentor. That is not to say I don’t approve, just that I question myself about whether I should be using it or not.

      • Jackie Lee says:

        keywordluv provides the same benefit to the blogger of encouraging people to leave a comment. And, each person has to decide for themselves what is going to be right for their site.

  42. I have enjoyed, and really benefited from your articles. I recently decided to try my hand at SEO, social marketing, etc. and I found a bunch of stuff that ultimately required a purchase to be useful. While you do sell product, your advice is very useful even if no purchase is made.

    Thank you for all of your help.

  43. Thats the first time i have used keyword love. Thanks for the advice!

  44. Hi, Jackie,
    Good explanation between the two. It’s an aspect I had not thought of since you can click on a person’s name and find their site. Guess it piques curiosity for checking out a blog.

    I have friends who use Comment Luv, so I signed up with them for an account (but not for my site). It makes it easier to leave comments even if I’m not using Comment Luv on my site.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hi Donna,
      If you sign up at commentluv, and add your blog you also get to pick from more than one post from your blog as your commentluv link ~ which is nice. It’s easier to make the link and the site a little more relevant. I don’t always click through on the name (I forget) but I frequently find myslef seeing hte commentluv link in the comments and clicking through.
      Also if people use keywords in their post titles it will create another keyword anchor text link which can be really helpful in moving your post to the top of the SERPs for that keyword.

  45. I’ve been toying with using Keyword Luv on my blog for a couple of months now. Have you ever used one without the other? Did you notice if you had more spam when you used both?

    I can’t imagine that it could get worse, but who knows.


    • Jackie Lee says:

      I usually start with commentluv… which doesn’t bring too much spam (and it will depend on your niche of course) I do find keywordluv brings more spam, but not a huge amount.

  46. Thank you Jackie! It took me a while to add commentluv to my site and then I was wondering if I should add keywordluv but after reading about your experience of getting more spam after adding keywordluv, I just won’t.


  47. Hi Jackie,

    I’m just starting to blog and CommentLuv sounds like a great plug-in for bloggers to share links. I’ll check out your previous post for more info on it.

    Unfortunately, 95% of my comments are spammy. They’re typically “Thanks for the great post” with no mention to the content of my post and they link back to a sales page. I delete these because I want my “true” readers to have a great experience.

    Won’t CommentLuv encourage spammers or is there any reason for me to display some of these comments?


    • hahaha I just read your previous post and it answered part of my question! Nope, no reason for me to display those “empty” comments! Now I don’t feel bad for deleting them :o )

      So then, what about CommentLuv encouraging spammers?

      BTW Thanks for the great tips. Now I’ll have to wander through your site for more useful blogging tidbits!

      • You’re going to get spam one way or another… In my mind the benefits to my readers outweighs the bit of spammy comments I delete. I don’t really see much spam on sites I just have commentluv enabled on. It’s once I add keywordluv that it really starts coming in.

  48. Great explanation Jackie. I think I had thought either of these would bring nothing but spam. Although I assume there will still be a fair amount, I do really like the idea of more content without the work. So, I think I am going to try commentluv and will see how it goes.

  49. Hey Jackie,

    Good explaination. Gotta love a plugin that makes life easy and attracts more eyes, even if they are mostly there for the link. It’s a bit like link building for lazy people though isn’t it? I guess people have trouble finding do-follow sites.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Not sure I’d call it “for lazy people” often times you’ll find commentluv blogs are do follow, AND you want to build a varied link profile… it’s not good to only have do follow links back to your site.

      the commentluv blogs often have a good community around them as well… which helps drive traffic directly from the blog you commented on. I get quite a bit of traffic from commentluv sites. :)

  50. Hi Jackie …
    How cool a lil luv lesson on the heels of Valentine’s Day…
    btw Happy Valentine’s Day :)

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