March Challenge ~ Content Creation Style!

We have all heard “content is king”… and it’s totally true. Content is what google looks for, to rank you for keywords. Content is what readers come to your site to see, and great content is what gets people to add you to their RSS feed, or join your mailing list and keep coming back.

If you’re creating an online business ~ no matter what it is ~ you’re going to need content. If you’re blogging, you’re going to need to write blog posts. (or make videos if you choose), if you’re creating niche sites you’re going to need product reviews, or content about your topic, you’re also going to need to write articles to spread around to build some links.

Content, content, content ~ you just can’t get away from it.

Content is AWESOME ~ and the more content you publish on your site the more fodder Google has to rank you for ~ you know, those long tail, mix ‘em up keywords, that not a ton of people search for, but they’re super easy to rank for, and add up over time ~ yeah, those.

The thing is… what makes content even BETTER ~ is having a group of people who are willing to help you get your content spread around the interwebs. People call them tribes, or groups, or whatever… they are syndication and connection at its VERY best!

So here’s what I’ve done… and the challenge for YOU! 

The content creation challenge for the month of March is this:

Write something and publish it EVERY DAY.


I mean it though… the more you write the easier it will get. The more you write the more ideas will start popping up for you. The more you publish the more traffic you’ll start to get. The more you publish the more you’ll WANT to publish.

So yes. I do mean write and publish every day.

Now whether you publish on your blog, or on a support blog, or an article to submit to EZA or other article networks, or on multiple blogs depending on what needs your attention, I don’t care ~ but I want you to WRITE AND PUBLISH.

Part 2. 

The all new and SUPER exciting Focus and Action Mastermind Group!!

Oh yeah.

I’ve created a new group on Facebook. It’s a closed group (which means people outside the group can’t see what we’re doing) and you’ll have to request to join (don’t worry, I’ll approve you!). The purpose of this group is to post a link to what you’ve published today. Now… just posting links doesn’t do anyone any good ~ the purpose of the group is to HELP each other.

We will help each other by visiting 2 (or more if you have time) links people post and doing one (or more) of the following:

facebook share
pin the post

In some way we are going to syndicate that post to help the other person, get a link, or get some social traction.

It’s very simple ~ and it won’t take much time. If we’re all doing it, the results will be OUTSTANDING.

I’m also looking into other methods of syndicating our content and will share them over the month as I test them out and see if they’re worth the time/energy.

So… who’s in?

Tell me in the comments if you’re up for the challenge… and then go join the group!

While we’ll focus on content creation this month… my overall goal for the group is to make it a place where we can all connect, get some help, get some input, and really connect and be resources for one another!

I’m so excited… can’t wait to see you there!




  1. Nice one Jackie! Shared it all over :) . By the way love to join the group and take some challenge. lol

  2. Jer Marie says:

    would love to keep up with your challenge…. would like to have more ideas and more to publish… thanks for the invitation

  3. Great Jackie,
    I am in. Can you tell me how to get free images for my blog posts?
    I have sent you a request to join the group.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Sounds like an amazing challenge. The requirement of commenting, tweeting and posting on social media sites can be beneficial for everyone. You are right about writing gets easier the longer we do it. Posting fresh content everyday is already a habit of mine and without it just feels incomplete.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I agree Dorothy ~ days I don’t write feel a little strange to me now. I hope to see you over in the group. :)

  5. Hi Jackie,
    I am a stay at home mom who would love my hobby to become a business that supports itself, and possibly even become a blessing to myself and others. I love the idea of helping others who share the same goal. I am in. I am not one who will be able to post to my blog everyday, but I will try for several times a week. I appreciate that others will be visiting my blog and helping it to get out there. Thanks for starting this and having a heart to help others succeed. :-) Thank you Jill Hart for inviting me.

  6. What a great idea! I would love to join this monthly challenge.

  7. This question I am about to ask will show you how little I know about the computer. And I want to start a business online?
    If I was to share this post “March Challenge ~ Content Creation Style! – via @momtohanna”, is there a specific place I would put it or just in the body of whatever I am writing?
    I really will get this one day………!!!!!!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      If you clicked the tweet button right under it would automatically hook up with your twitter account and tweet that message for you. (except I think it’s broken.) :( YOu could hit the “tweet” button over on the left hand side and do the same thing. :)

  8. I’d love to join! I was just thinking about how I struggle to actually sit down and write! I get distracted so easily with all the distractions on the computer and end up putting off the writing part. The thing is once I get started writing, I almost always love it and am so glad that I did. It just the getting started part that’s so tough. Also, I’m really working to do better with content planning and with writing posts ahead, so this would really help.

  9. Hi Jackie,
    I’m in. It’s funny I was thinking it would be nice to have a group like this to share ideas and support each other just a couple of days ago. ha ha funny how the universe works.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Isn’t it awesome when things happen like that?! I love it. Added you to the group and look forward to see what you’re writing about this month.

  10. Hi Jackie, throw me aboard please. Sounds like a good challenge for me, need focus. Thanks.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Welcome ~ added you to the group. Feel free to introduce yourself, and make sure you post your new writings. :)

  11. I’d like to join the challenge :) Count me in!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hey Lilian! Welcome. Make sure you join the group ~ and share where you’re writing and what you like to write about with the group. Glad to have you on board.

  12. I’m up for the challenge too..

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Glad to have you! Added you to the group this morning ~ feel free to drop by and introduce yourself, and remember to come back and link to your newest writing so we can check it out and give it some love. :)

  13. Thank you Jackie for starting this. I find that after I have been away from something for a while it is hard to get back with it but once I get started I don’t want to stop! I am a bit rusty with my blogging but it’s all starting to come back to me :-) .

  14. Hi Jackie,
    I have to admit my head is fried with all the information that is out there. Have been looking at loads of websites and reading and reading forever but am clueless as to what to do. At home with my two beautiful babies 3 and 11 1/2 months so want to really try and make a go of this and finally make my first earnings online. Don’t have a lot of time each day as things are pretty hectic but am determined to succeed. Looks like this group could be just what I need but I promise not to be a burden!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Do what you can! If every day is too much, then set a goal for yourself. It’s HARD to get it all done with 2 little ones around. Join in the group ~ work on consistently writing ~ whether it’s every day or 3 times a week… I will say ~ that the more you write the easier it will get, and the faster it will get. So it will be easier to do more in the little time you have. :) Look forward to seeing what you’re working on. :)

  15. Yes! I need this challenge right now, I’m excited to get going and try to keep up the momentum. Looking forward to joining the group.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Excellent ~ I’ve approved you at the group ~ got sidetracked to the park after school today. :) Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to!

  16. I up for the challenge. Thanks Jackie!

  17. Jackie,

    I am up for the challenge. At first I thought I had to post something everyday to my blog. My audience does not welcome that very well. But if I can publish other places like Hubpages or my simple Tumblr blog, I am in!

    This will be very hard for me but I want the challenge.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone in the FB group also!


    • I have a few blogs, sites I want to write for so I’ll just spread the love around… I’d also thought about putting some lenses together as well. I think the simple habit of writing daily is good. :) Glad you’re on board… just approved you at the group.

  18. Christina says:

    I totally agree with all the “not being productive lately” comments and that this post is a good kick in the pants, in a really friendly and supportive way. I’m just about ready to launch my first ever niche website with the goal to devote a lot of time to it and turn it into an authority site. I’m not sure if I can actually write AND publish something every day this month, but being part of the challenge would be good for me and I would like to help everybody else out even if I can’t quite keep up. I’ll be requesting an invite to the FB group tonight!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Awesome Christina! Glad to have you on board. Do what you can… but set a goal for yourself. If it’s not every day… then whatever you CAN do ~ but stretch yourself a little bit. :) We’re here for you.

  19. I’m up for the challenge! Thanks for this :0

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Fantastic Christine! Just approved you in the group. Your blog looks great, and your little guy is ADORABLE. It sounds like we have a lot in common too! Friend me on facebook so we can get to know each other better. :)

  20. I can so relate to what Steph said about struggeling to be productive lately. After working at the same company for 28 years I found myself unemployed on 1-9-12. I want to make money from my home so that I can take care of my elderly ill father. I have no clue as to what I’m doing with the computer even though I have used a computer for nearly 40 years. I messed up my blog this morning and am going to spend the day trying to get it back to how I had it hopefully. I think seeing your post this morning on facebook was an answer to my prayers.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Oh hang in there Maggie!! You can do it. If you need help friend me at facebook (if we’re not friends already) and shoot me a message. I’ll do my best. :)

  21. I totally want to join! Thank you so much for inviting us!

  22. I’m up for the challenge! I’ve been really struggling to be productive lately, so hopefully this will help. I would like to work on putting together content for a PLR store – does that count? It won’t be published until I have a full pack ready to sell, but then it will go live!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Heck YEAH that counts!! I just approved you at the group ~ make sure when you post your packs you come let us know so we can share them! (or buy them lol)

      • Thanks Jackie! I’m actually doing a free pack first, so the group can get first shot at it when it’s ready. The first article for today is done – that was a lot harder to do than I remembered! Hopefully it will get easier as the month goes on!

        • Jackie Lee says:

          Congrats on getting your writing done today! woo hoo. If you need some woo hoos and encouragement just post to the group that you did your writing today. :) (or any day lol). We’ll help you stay excited and motivated. And looking forward to the first batch of PLR :)

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