Discover How a Blog Can Make You 10,000 a Month

If you have ever wondered how someone makes a six figure income online using a blog I have a video you have to watch!

You all know how much I love Yaro Starak. If you aren’t familiar with him, he is a well-respected blogger and blog
trainer. He is currently using his blog to generate a steady 10k – 20k each and every month.

He has just released a free video that takes you inside his Internet business, which is based on just one blog.

His system is not your usual story of using a blog and sticking AdSense on it – he’s taken a much more BUSINESS focused approach.

He calls his system “Conversion Blogging” because it combines a blog with an email list to create consistent income.

Inside the video you will learn -

- Why blogs are the only Web 2.0 marketing tool
you will ever need

- Exactly how Yaro uses his blog to build a
MASSIVE email list

- How just a blog can turn you into the No. 1
authority in your market

- What methods Yaro uses to translate his blog
into a steady cash-flow stream

- How you can replicate Yaro’s methods using just
one blog and get started in minutes

I loved this video because it’s not full of marketing hype, just a very down to earth and practical presentation.

I guarantee you will enjoy this and learn something too.

It’s kind of long, so set aside 32 minutes now, grab a drink, sit down and watch his Conversion Blogging Video

If you feel this is more advanced than where you are at, I will offer up an amazing video series done by my very own coach Courtney Tuttle. His video series is all about How to Start a Blog. He will take you from the very beginning steps and walk you through everything you need to know to get your blog up and running ~ and of course making money. :)

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