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This is a guest post from the wonderful Allie of Ramblings of a Wahm. I appreciate her taking the time to clue me in on some of these sites I’ve never really used… Thanks Allie!

Ramblings of a WAHM The Blog Frog

“Each time you participate in a BlogFrog Community or visit a BlogFrog member’s blog you gain exposure for your blog.” ~The Blog Frog

You are a blogger.

You have joined Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social networking platform that was thrown at you.

You are working on networking and exposure.

You are on your way.

Not without Blog Frog you’re not!

Wait, you haven’t heard of Blog Frog? Let me tell you about one of the most fun and rewarding communities I have joined.

At first glance it is hard to take Blog Frog serious, I mean it looks like pure socializing fun. (The smiling frog in the logo is so cute.) It is. But more. At The Blog Frog you not only can join communities of other like minded women, you can create your own community in minutes AND earn revenue too. You heard me, earn some extra cash.

Like the exposure wasn’t enough, you actually get to earn money too. Do I have your attention?

There is a catch, you need to be social. Start a community of your own. Start and join discussions in other communities. Make friends by following people you find fascinating, cool and fun.

The Blog Frog is a gem. Exposure for your blog and earn money too? Can’t do that with Facebook. And we know it can be very hard with a blog.

Here’s how to start:

  • Head over to Blog Frog and join. Enter your blog link, about me, Twitter, Facebook and avatar.
  • Be sure to opt-in to the advertising revenue program, if you have a community, and that is an option you would like.
  • Start exploring. Join some communities and friend a few people.
  • Grab the widget for your blog sidebar.
  • Grab the code to insert your own community into you blog. Here is mine as an example.

You will soon see that the more you are active, the more traffic your blog gets and the more money you make. The exposure there is astounding. I can’t possibly cover everything so The Blog Frog has a great FAQ section that has shown me stuff I didn’t know existed. Be sure to watch the videos.

A few tips to get you started:

  • Join my Ramblings of a WAHM Blog Frog community (you knew that was coming, lol.)
  • Hit the main page on Blog Frog and look for “Hot Discussions”. Click and start to participate.
  • On the left margin of the main page there are topics to narrow down what you are interested in. Simply click to check out more communities.
  • If you create your own community, immediately put up a discussion topic. People really like to show off their Twitter accounts and blog links so maybe ask for that.
  • Give it time. Of course success doesn’t happen over night.
  • Let your Twitter, Facebook and Blog followers know you have a new community.

What do you think? Is Blog Frog for you?

My name is Allie. I write about my WAHM journey at Ramblings of a WAHM. I also have some great posts over at My Swagbucks Tips. You can find me on Swagbucks as AllieRambles or anywhere online under the same name, which includes Twitter.

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  1. Interesting hmmm I am heading over right now. Thanks a ton. This looks fun.

  2. I like getting some decent dofollow backlinks automatically from the RSS page on the profile page. Could be helpful in getting a little bit of a better ranking. Do you need to setup the community page on your site?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hey Mike,
      I think you might be missing the point… it’s a community. It really wasn’t created to be just another property where you can set up a profile and get more links.

  3. Hi Allie,

    This post give me an idea, thanks for the information and now I know how to market my blog with the help of blogfrog. I have registered there and trying to familliarize in now. thanks again.

  4. Thank you so much for this information. I hurried over there and created a community, as well as found a couple of other communities to join. The community I created is for Squidoo lensmasters and is called Squidosphere. So far I only have a very few members but I am hopeful that once lensmasters realize what a great community it is and that they have the opportunity to chat about many Squidoo related topics, plus add their Squidoo related blog posts it will grow. Thanks again. I would ever have even known about Blogfrog if I didnt follow this blog.

  5. Thanks for the info! I just started my own blog and looking for the best tools out there. I had never heard of blogfrog before but will check it out tonight. Do you know anything about dofollow? Is it even related to blogging, lol???

  6. Great write up Allie! I’ve been a long time BlogFrog user myself and have always sung their praises. It’s such a fun way to get to know your readers and meet new people. I found that by being active and posting discussions in one or two of the bigger communities (ie McMama), my own community grew as well. It’s amazing how far BlogFrog has come…when I first started there was no such thing as embedded communities or Live Chats.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words! We greatly appreciate your support, and love supporting you and all the amazing bloggers out there.

  8. Hi Allie – what a wonderful post about BlogFrog! You did a fabulous job of outlining the community and networking benefits to bloggers (yes, many folks don’t know about the revenue-generating part) and walking thru how to get started. Thank you so much! If you or your readers ever have ideas on how we can be even better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find me on BlogFrog :)

    Holly Hamann (co-founder, BlogFrog)

  9. Pleasure to see you in this neck of the woods, Allie!

    I am one of those who’s never heard of Blog Frog – and now that I have, not sure I’ll still find time for it…


    • Ana,

      My audience, hopefully, is moms and this is a great place to create a community with them. I am glad I chose this niche, the moms are funny, wise, sarcastic and just great online.

      I am still working on getting my community to talk but some day I will. Ha ha.


  10. Jackie Lee:

    Thanks for sharing BlogFrog with us. The way I see it, it could not hurt to give it a try as we never know powerful it may become. It could turn out to be a great backlink.

    Thanks again! See you at Blog Frog in the future.

    - Rick

  11. Thank you Jackie! I have enjoyed writing posts for your community.

    And I really do love Blog Frog. I always find great conversation there.


  12. Wow blogfrog sounds like serious business, I thought that it was just another blogging community but it sound very intriguing i’m going to check it out for sure

  13. Maybe blogfrog is something I can take a look at here soon. I’m always supporting new things that come online.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  14. Allie,
    Sadly, your link to “mine as an example” didn’t work. The hyperlink to http://http// doesn’t seem to work. It seems incorrect.
    But I do look forward to learning more about BlogFrog.

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