How to Succeed in Internet Marketing: Set up a Step by Step Internet Marketing Action Plan

Happy Sunday everyone,

I’ve only got a few minutes before I get ready to go to Church, and Hanna’s getting restless in the background but I have some pretty amazing things I want to talk to you about today.  3 in fact.

1. I want to thank all of you who participated in the poll. I really appreciate it. The poll remains open, so if you have not already answered I would love to hear your opinions too.  This poll was designed to help me help you. I have some pretty exciting ideas coming up to help solve some of the problems that are keeping people from the success they would like to, and know they can have, in Internet Marketing.

Which brings me to the second two things.  These two things are a couple of the ideas and tools I came up with from your answers on the poll.

2. I found an AMAZING Web 2.0 Resource.  It is completely unlike anything I have found before. ~ I  Do NOT take that statement lightly. It really is.  I have to take a second and give thanks to both  Home with Heather, and Alex, of Web 2.0 Spot-er for pointing me in its direction.

I have been pouring over information on using Web 2.0, social bookmarking and social networking.  I understand how it all works, and I can see the picture of why it works. What I was missing, and I bet you were too, is a plan!! I had no idea how to do this so I could get something done everyday that would be moving my sites in the direction I wanted them to go.  This little goldmine has solved that problem.  Social Media Daily.  GO GET IT NOW. Really. You’ll thank me.

Now ~ don’t freak out. It looks completely intimidating and you may have the urge to say forget it, I can never do this. It’s just TOO MUCH STUFF. Don’t, I’m going to help you through it.  This brings me to my third point of the day.

I have developed an Internet Marketing Action Plan Community.  I started it over at Ning. It’s completely free to join. It is a space where each and every one of us, myself included, can post our daily/weekly/monthly action plan. However you want to do it. We can come back and update, keep ourselves accountable, as well as give one another support and encouragement.

You say you don’t have an Internet Marketing ACTION PLAN? That’s ok, no problem.  You can set one up with my help and the help of other members in the community.  I see this community being a very giving and supportive place to be. I usually charge 25 dollars and hour for this type of coaching, but at Internet Marketing Action Plan community you will have full access to me and it won’t cost you a dime.

This will also be a great place to make an action plan to put into place all of the amazing information you will find in Social Media Daily.  Please come by, sign up, and join in. If you have a team ~ say in a network marketing company ~ bring them along. You will have the opportunity to create your own group for your team so you can motivate one another.

If you fail to plan ~ you plan to fail.

I am offering you an amazing resource that will skyrocket your internet marketing success.  Take advantage of it. Take action.

Well, I’ve got to go get ready, I’m already running late, and Hanna’s smearing peanut butter on the dog.

See you at Internet Marketing Action Plan ~ do it now, before you psych yourself out.

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    just downloaded your Social Media Daily Blueprint and will go through it.thanks

    Unfortunately, I got this mesg “Internet Marketing Action Plan currently unavailable”

    Please advise

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Ah yes, this is a fairly old post. I decided not to keep this ning community when Ning went through all the changes it went through recently. If you’re looking for a good community to help get your started check out the KISS Club ~ that’s where I’m working with people now.

      ps. the social media daily blueprint isn’t mine ~ just FYI ~ it’s just one of the tools I’ve found and have used.

  2. Internet marketing success depends highly on the campaigns you will utilize in promoting your business and your products. That you are doing now no… Great. You have to try, test, and observe which method will work the best. If a particular method does not work well, then you just have to get back to the drawing board. Once you are able to find the right internet marketing technique, the success of your business will be much more likely. I wish you all the best. If you are more specific about what you want, it will be helpful for those wish to help you.

  3. Marketing your web business is very important if you really want to be successful selling your products, services, or ideas on the internet, so it is very advisable to learn as much as you can about internet marketing, or hire a company that specializes in internet marketing and advertising to partner with you in marketing your business online.

  4. It is not easy to start business marketing if you do not have any plan or strategies to make your marketing succeed. Goals must be done first.

  5. Hi,

    This is my first time here in your blog and I think it will not be the last. I have enjoyed this post of yours. I’ve also learned a lot and discover amazing resources about internet marketing.

  6. Hey, Just Wanted to Say Good Morning and here’s to a successful internet marketing week for everyone!!

  7. Hi Ann,
    I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself. I hope you are learning some along the way. If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.


  8. Hey, it’s me again…LOL Just wanted to let you know that I have been tooling around your sites and I just love your messages. I am a big fan of LOA and The Secret and Attitude of Gratitude. I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate as well….There’s a reason for everything, like how I ended up on your site.

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    Good luck, anything else I can do just let me know.


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  17. Glad you like it!


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