How PLR Can Solve the Top 3 Internet Marketing Problems

As someone who’s been in this industry for a long time I hear a lot of complaints (some would call them excuses) as to why people have not succeeded or haven’t even taken action on building their business to the next level. There are 3 of these complaints that I hear time and time again.

Today I’m going to show you how you can overcome any and all of those complaints with one simple tool. PLR.

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. It’s basically content someone else has written and sells to you to use in any way you see fit. You can change the whole thing, you can change pieces of it, you can break it up and use it for other purposes and most of all you can put your name on it and call it yours.

Isn’t there a lot of crappy PLR out there?

Oh hell yeah there is. But hang in here with me, I’m going to give you some great places to pick up quality PLR from some great writers.

Top 3 Internet Marketing Problems and how you can solve them now!


1. I don’t have time. 

This is a huge one. I hear it all the time. People don’t have “time” to do their business, to write articles, to create an ebook, to write a special report to give to people for signing up to their list. I could go off on a tangent about this excuse of no time… but I won’t. :) (are you watching TV? ahem)

With PLR you can cut the time involved in writing to next to nothing. You can find PLR reports, article packs, even complete ebooks on just about any given topic.

Once you get the PLR you’ll want to read through it, and then make some changes so it sounds more like your voice. But you don’t have to spend any of the time researching, actually writing it or putting it together. Which can be huge.

Here’s an example: Right now MomPLR is having a sale on a brand new PLR ebook called Family Fitness for Moms. It’s a 15 page ebook that you could sell or give away. But check this out… because this is what makes PLR so cool. It comes in 4 different formats, the package also comes with 5 articles on the same topic, and the ecover for the ebook, as well as the source code in all the different formats as well. With the 50% discount code of fitness (case sensitive) you can get all of this for $10 bucks.

Problem solved… you get an ebook, articles to use on your blog or for an article marketing campaign and the ecover to use on your site or in your marketing materials. If you have a mom related site you have your first product right THERE! So there goes the time excuse.

2. I’m not an expert how I can write about that?

This is another big reason I hear why people aren’t moving forward. My first piece of advice is to pick a topic you have some knowledge or interest in, but if you haven’t done that, then PLR can be your answer. No matter what topic you’ve chosen you can almost always find some PLR on the subject. Just taking a look at one PLR site I can find information on creating a family tree website, wine, baseball collectibles, penny stock investing, how to succeed online, audiobooks, golf gadgets… as you can see PLR is NOT just about internet marketing anymore. :)

So if you feel you don’t have enough information or expertise in your niche just look for some PLR. You will not only get some content, but as you read the plr  you’re pretty likely to learn more and more about your topic. :)

3. I just can’t keep up with all these sites I’ve created!

This is a big one for the niche marketers out there. Maybe you’ve created a bunch of seasonal sites, and it’s tough to keep up. I get that. This is where PLR can be your best friend. Not only can you buy plr article packs related to your topic you can post to your site. You can also take the same article, spin it, and submit it to article directories to build links back to your site to get more traffic.

If you’ve got a halloween site you’re in luck, more and more people are putting together Halloween costume plr packs. Here’s one from Tiffany Dow ~ who is a great writer! The same holds true for Christmas. Tiffany has quite a few PLR packs related to Christmas, Christmas gift giving as well as the Amazon top sellers list. Just go to her PLR site and put the word Christmas in the search box… you’ll be quite surprised.

Again with these niche packs you’ve got articles you can post on your blog as well as use for article marketing purposes. If you get a nice pack or two you’ll already have everything you need to do for a couple rounds of Backlinking 101!

So you see, there really are some easy ways to overcome even the biggest internet marketing problems. Overcoming obstacles starts with looking for a solution instead of complaining about the problem… when you focus on the solution, it will appear, or something or someone will show up with something that will solve the problem.

What do I look for in Good PLR?

Over the years I’ve found some quality PLR in a number of places. When you’re looking for PLR you want to look for a couple different things.

1. Make sure that the person you’re buying from is actually writing the PLR.  

You definitely don’t want to shop in a store where they’ve gone out, bought a bunch of crap plr and are now passing it off as their own. (that’s very bad and will be a waste of your money)

2. Make sure they’re only selling a limited supply of the PLR.  

You don’t want a bajillion other people out there giving away or publishing your plr. The sites I’ve linked to here will show you how many licenses (or copies) of each piece of PLR they will be selling. Example: the Family Fitness PLR is only selling 100 copies.

3. Get a sample if you’re in doubt. 

Not a sample of a few sentences either… any bad plr can probably have a few good sentences in it. :) Get at least one whole article ~ or check the site to see if they have samples available on the site itself. You’ll be able to know after reading an article or two the quality you’re going to get.

4. Use a recommended PLR source.

The best way to find great PLR is to ask around, and find out who your friends and/or mentors are using. Here’s a few of my favorite PLR sources.

Tiffany Dow  at PLRMiniMart.  she’s an excellent writer. She writes about a plethora of topics, and her prices are great. She also frequently runs some REALLY good sales.

Nicole Dean over at EasyPLR. She has high quality plr on numerous topics. She’s also currently running a 20% off special on any order over $25… so bonus!

Yummy PLR ~ is hands down the BEST food plr I’ve found anywhere. Great articles, recipes and reports on a wide variety of food topics. They also have some great bargains on out of season topics, so you can get a fast start for next year.

Kelly Cannon who is a member of the KISS Club, a great writer and getting her new PLR site off the ground has some great PLR packs available. If you’re trying to get those last minute articles in to boost your site rankings grab her Halloween PLR. If you’ve already moved on to Christmas, she’s got a great Christmas Decorating pack. Perfect for article marketing or filling in some useful content around those product posts. :)

There you have it, my recommends for quality PLR and solutions to the top 3 internet marketing problems.  Now you’re left with no excuses and the only thing left to do is get to work!

If you’re still feeling lost, join us in the KISS Club. We’ll get you on track and moving forward!



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  1. I agree with everything you said about PLR except one thing – make sure it’s limited. For one thing, not everyone who purchases PLR actually uses it, unfortunately. It often sits in someone’s folder or on their desktop instead of being put to use.

    The other reason is that in this day and age of needing fresh content, most of us understand we should rewrite a good share of the PLR before placing it on our website, if that is what we are using it for. PLR can help guide people who are not writers or do not like to write, in writing an article. If they purchase a pack, they can possibly turn it into a short report.

    But the main thing is that it should be rewritten to the extent that they can pass it through Copyscape or a similar test for duplicate content. Therefore, there is no need to buy from someone who only sells limited quantities of their PLR products – just make sure it is quality PLR as that will make the rewrites much easier.

  2. yes definitely these 3 questions comes to my mind too but after reading the post i feel i have been wasting my time . This post is an eye opener for the people with less confidence and lazy ones . Thanks jackie Lee for the good one

  3. I liked that your article not only encourages those IMers that have more excuses than initiative, but also you wrote it in a way that simplifies it down to 3 problems, which (at least for me) made me realize that there aren’t as many hurdles to overcome as I like to think there are!

    And @Kelly above, very relevant quote. I’m going to keep that on my desk, for the days that I lack initiative. :)

  4. Andie Climm says:

    This articles definitely helps a lot of people especially me…Thanks!!

  5. Yes, I agree with you on the PLR stuff. While it is easy to create a website and set it up and running, managing the site and posting content on regular intervals is what most people find it difficult, as aptly stated in your post. PLRs serve this purpose in a good thing.

    However, one thing I have noticed with PLRs is that there are several articles available on the net with the same content. As you said, we need to be choosy in picking the right material for our site.

  6. PLR articles are far more cheaper than buying a sort of unique articles from writers (if you’re lucky enough). For the sole purpose of link building, PLR articles can be very useful to minimize your cost. The idea of rewriting these articles is a great idea too.

  7. I so totally agree with what you wrote!!
    So many people try to knock down PLR for some reason like it’s evil or something.
    The fact is that it’s very neccessary in order to save time and even alliviate stress for online business owners.
    Even if you rewrite the entire PLR article, you can do it much faster than if you start an article form scratch.
    PLR truly is a life saver in so many ways.
    All the best,

  8. Buying articles can be so expensive to those who build their articles and do their link building as well. So in the end, most of them sacrifice the quality of the articles to avoid increasing their expenditure before truly earning with their plans. Because of PLR, things may be easy now. For just a minimum amount of money, people can get more than enough articles for their sites and for their link building needs. I also like your point that making sure that the availability of the PLR is only limited to few people. At least readers will only come to your site and to few other sites.

  9. I couldn’t stress enough about the statement of “knowing the writer actually writes it” because there are far too many people pushing PLR that is just reseller stuff which means that you have no idea the quality because it could be years old and totally worthless.

  10. Yes, I have discovered PLR recently. Haven’t used any yet, but they seem to be a great tool and I see limitless potential here….Michael

  11. Hi Jackie! I’m so happy I cam across this post. I heard about PLR before, but I wasn’t clear what this is. Thanks for the clear explanation, especially on the ways to capitalize on them!

  12. Two things… One – cool picture, as usual! Two – great advice…. Also as usual. I definitely learned something from this post, but I don’t feel like that’s anything new here.

  13. Great post. I love #1, that has to be the biggest excuse in the world. No one ever has time for things they don’t want to do. A person will say they don’t have time to exercise for an hour 3 times a week, but they spend an average of 3 hours a day watching tv. The thing about time is that it is going to be spent, but you have the power to decide what to spend it doing.

  14. I was just wondering, wouldn’t that be easier to hire a freelancer to write some articles for you? You can get a lot of them off sites like odesk and elance and they come at reasonable price as well.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      It’s definitely another option, but you’re not going to get 5 articles for 5 bucks. :) Or a 15 page report with 5 articles and an ecover for 10 bucks. The WSO section can also be a great place to find great PLR deals. My friend Robyn who is a fantastic freelance writer currently has a Halloween PLR WSO going, 14 articles for 6.50. You really can’t beat that!

  15. Nice post Jackie. PLR Content can really solve a lot of problems but you have to use wisely. PLR Content shouldn’t be used on sites which you expect to rank better in Google.

  16. what about the Google slap? I thought that PLR is dead after the last one no? what do u think?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hi Ella,
      It depends on what you’re going to use it for. If you’re creating your own product, or a freebie to give away Google has nothing to do with that. If you’re backlinking your site spinning plr is fine. I personally wouldn’t use PLR on my main money site, but for backing it up and creating content for your newsletter or to create a product/free report it’s great.

  17. How about the FREE PLR articles? Are they any good? I haven’t tried buying PLR articles. How much is the usual price for this articles? You got me really interested about them. I supposed these are unique articles right? Then I can submit them on articles directories for backlinks.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hi Allen,

      Free PLR is usually worth about what you paid for it. If you click through any of the links you’ll be able to see the typical pricing for plr. It’s usually about a dollar a page.

      Of course these aren’t unique articles Allen. It’s PLR ~ that’s the whole point. :) The author writes one article and sells it to multiple people who can then change it or not, and then put their own name on it. You can NOT submit PLR to EZA, but if you spin it or rewrite it some you should be ok with plr in other article directories. They are great to use with a system like UAW.

  18. I would always suggest getting sample first! Sometimes, you can get non-native speakers who write articles in a very bad language and sometimes you can get amazingly well written pieces at a real bargain prices.

    Also, be aware that you’ll probably get what you pay for – so…pay.

    I think this is a great idea and that people should definitely use this kind of help.

  19. This article reminds me of the saying from yesterday: “If you want to do something badly enough, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll make an excuse.”

    Thanks for recommending my site! Also, if anyone needs a particular PLR, they can send me a message in the contact form on my website and I’ll see what I can do.

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