Ever wish you had personal access to someone who can answer your questions, guide you, motivate you, help you take action?

Willing to pay $250 an hour?

How about $100?


What if you had personal access to me for less than $30 a month?


As a member of the KISS Club that’s exactly what you will get.

The KISS Club is a members only forum where you can ask questions, get focused, get advice, get a good kick in the pants if you need it, find accountability, and take ACTION,  all in the safe confines of my community.

Starting a new project?

Start a new thread ~ we’ll work through it together.

Have a question?

Search the forum for a quick answer ~ or start a new thread and let me or your fellow community members help you get the answer you need.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s talk about it and create a simple plan of action to get you out of overwhelm and moving forward.

Confused and frustrated?

Start a thread and let’s work together to clear the confusion, create a strategy that will work for YOU and some simple steps you can take right away.

Why is it so cheap?

I offer long term coaching, but it is sometimes out of people’s price range.  I made KISS Club more affordable because I want everyone to have access to the help they need. I want people to overcome overwhelm, get started, take action. Sometimes the little things really get you stuck, and I want YOU unstuck and moving forward. Keeping the price “no brainer” low just makes sense for me to accomplish this goal.

The other reason is it’s way easier for me to leverage my time and effort in a community setting. What I say that helps you, can very easily help many others at the same time and in the future. It keeps me from saying the same thing over and over today, tomorrow and the next day to every person individually.

So everyone will see what I’m doing?

Yes, they will. And that’s a GREAT thing. That gives you accountability and help from not only me, but others who are working in the internet marketing community.

Having other people follow your progress is one of the best ways I know of to make sure a project gets completed!

Forums are such a time suck.

They sure can be ~ especially when you’re in a community of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Thousands of people who all think they know what’s right for you or what’s best for you. Thousands trying to sell you on the latest and greatest thing.

This intimate, supportive, members only community  focuses on keeping it simple, taking action, doing what YOU need to do.  You will never be ridiculed or “flamed” for asking a question ~ no matter  what it is. You’ll not only get great advice and support but you’ll find friends, people who really understand what you go through in this whole “internet marketing” thing. People who could easily turn into a “network” and “JV” partners. :) All that lingo from a friendly little forum.

What do I do now?

If you want a place where you belong and “everybody knows your name” grab a spot as a  member of the KISS Club ~ we can’t wait to have you! Click the paypal button below. You will make a payment at Paypal and your account will automatically be set up. You’ll then receive an email  with the login link and your username and password. You can head on over and jump in.

Are you ready?! Let’s get started. :)