Planning a Website Project

Back in the day you could easily throw up a 1 page site, target a single keyword, build links and pull in money. That just doesn’t work anymore. Google wants more.

If you’re going to give Google what Google wants, so you can get organic traffic from them you’re going to have to have a plan before you start any website project. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a site for affiliate marketing, or social media marketing, or even a site to create leads for your network marketing business… you’re going to need a plan.

I must say… the planning stage of any website is my absolute FAVORITE part. :) Here’s how how I handle planning a website project.

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  1. jamescraigmtts says:

    Getting a website working is one thing; making it a successful one is quite another. A lot of people tend to focus too much on launching a website that looks good.

  2. I think i am going to do exactly what you can did in 10 minutes , one more thing not only does this seem helpful to do but it can also be fun as i quite like drawing.:-

  3. Thinking, planning, gathering resources, organizing and then implementing the plans are the common processes that every business needs to follow before implementing a project or launching it in the market. My way of planning and implementing an idea is completely different. I keep writing ideas in pieces of paper and then stick it on the notice board. Some day when I need it I just remove them from the board so that I get an idea of how many of the ideas have I tested in a given sample of environment.

  4. Ah such a wonderfully crafted out plan :) I also have some colored markers here that i can’t wait to use!

    I think i am going to do exactly what you did in 10 minutes or so, and one more thing, not only does this seem helpful to do but it can also be fun as i quite like drawing ( on paper at least… )

  5. Love your mindmaps posts. This is one of the best yet. I’m really struggling with topic material after more than 600 posts on Elder Care as there is not that much that is really new coming out – although you would think there is.

  6. This is a very informative post. I especially like the idea of creating lots of subcategories, having lots of ideas for posts before you even get started is a great way to motivate yourself!

  7. I totally agree that planning is essential. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
    Creating a plan that works with your personality style is also key.
    For example; I get very bored if I can only write about one thing. I blog about a variety of different things. This makes me really productive.
    I organize the content in a ‘nichified way’, however I don’t restrict myself about what I can write about.
    Having things written and drawn out gets the confusiion out of my mind and allows me to clearly see the steps that I need to take to achieve my goals. I loved this post.
    All the best,

  8. I think things are definitely shifting towards Authority sites and the micro niche type sites will just not cut it anymore in this Post Panda climate.

    Jackie, you are really good at getting the stuff out of your head and onto “paper”, whether it be organizing content or writing content.

    I think that I let things stay in my head too much. Time for some serious unload….

  9. Leonor Miller says:

    Thanks for the brilliant blog post! I feel that identifying the target market is very important if you want to succeed in online business. As a busy mom, I definitely need to plan my schedule for posting.

  10. With Google’s latest Panda update this is becoming more and more important. Google wants original content with a spark. They want to send visitors to high quality sites and if you are just spamming etc they will find out about it and penalize your site.

  11. As I was looking at your diagram, I can’t help but compare it to what I do with my plans on my blogs. Drawing it or putting it into a diagram for me is more effective, since I see the flow of events on where and how and what to do. Making a diagram is part of planning. it gives us a specific detail on the concerns and steps on what to do next. This is really a well written post. You’ve made your point very clear.

  12. Great article! I’m going to do this right now, as I’m getting ready to launch my own blog. Thank you!!

  13. This makes so much sense! I was wondering why some of my actual websites don’t rank well in Google. Now I know it’s because I’ve only been targeting 1 keyword. Jackie, you’ve really got my mind going! I also really like the idea of writing all the content up front and then schedule the postings for future release. I think it would really help to keep the plan on track.

  14. I agree, it is awesome to see which key terms had brought my visitors to my site too! :) Funny how this whole secret Google algorithm is stirring everything in the pot and giving people a lots of work to do! :)

  15. I never thought about mind mapping. I usually do it right away after my keyword research. No notes, just thoughts. That’s why I’m always lost in the paths of successful marketing. Thanks for reminding me this very important move a marketer can do.

  16. Did you know that I re rear and reread this post before commenting? It really pertains to me! a stay at home mom and your example points out to my blog site Wow! what a timely advice! I already had it in mind and be pursuing it this coming January. Hope I can visit you most often for advice. Thanks so much mam!

  17. Great tips to narrow down the essentials for an extremely complicated website. Well, I’m not the techie type but I guess I can comprehend well in terms of marketing. Awesome work Jackie!

  18. This is great! I’d like to see a part two and a part three, going into set-up and marketing. :)

  19. Hi Jackie! I love the idea of putting the plan on paper, drawing them out with colored markers – this is just like making flowchart so that you won’t get lost as you plan on your website. Nowadays, competition is very high and if you don’t start right, your website will not make a good first impression with Google. With careful planning and continuous marketing efforts, a website can rank well and have tons of organic traffic.

  20. Hi Jackie, What I wonder about this example is how would it make money? Also wouldn’t you need a social media component as well as traditional backlinks? Many of my old niche sites w/ no social media have tanked.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hey Jill,
      This is just the PLANNING phase… this has nothing to do with monetization or marketing… those things come later… but planning the content is where I start.

      Yes, of course I would include social media for part of my marketing efforts, and I could use affiliate products, or create my own, for the monetization elements… this was just the first step. :)

  21. The posting schedule is a very good idea. I’d go as far as to say that it should be published on your site itself, so that readers know when to call back and see new content.

    • I think it would be more effective to do a call to action to subscribe to RSS so you can reach them instead of having to count on them to come back and find you.

  22. This does sound like a fun project. I didn’t go about creating my website in this way, but if I ever get my site up to where it is making money and want to start another one, this is how I’ll go about doing it. I definately want to do it with markers and paper rather than a computer tool. Much more fun :)

  23. Jackie,

    I have heard a lot about mind mapping, actually tried it and didn’t get it. I like your paper and pencil idea way better. I would definitely use markers, fun!

    What a great idea for anyone looking to write for a new blog, a series, stuck on topics or just want more ideas to write about.

    I was thinking about that the other day. I write mostly about blogging and WAHM as I learn about it so I still have plenty of topics. But what about the day I don’t, I guess I would have to break out the poster paper and markers.


    • It’s a great way to stay on point and congruent with your target market. It’s pretty easy to start sliding off topic ~ especially with all the wonderful shiny distractions.
      I love the idea of using it for a series. I have done that where I used to do a month long “topic” on this site… this works quite well for that too.
      Using markers rocks. :) I pull out a roll of paper, and cut off a big sheet. Hanna sits on one side of the table, and I sit on the other, and we both do our work on the same sheet of paper. I can cut off my half when I’m done. :)

  24. Thank you for these great tips! Never tried the first one, but I’ll try it next time!

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