Your Videos Will Not Convert Without These 4 Things

You can quickly create a video and upload it to youtube… but before you do that it’s really important to know, in your mind, what you want this video to accomplish. You’re not just making videos because they’re fun… they’re part of your marketing strategy. So… what do you want this video to accomplish? Do you want it to get people to like your fanpage? Do you want it to get people to opt in to your list? Do you want it to let people get a good feel for who you are and what you’re about?

It doesn’t matter what you want your video to do, but it does matter that you know what that thing is! If you want your videos to convert  ~ which just means getting people to take a desired action ~ then there are 4 elements you MUST include in every single video you make.

For you non watchers out there… here’s those 4 crucial elements:

1. An intro

Introduce yourself, and where you’re from. People don’t buy products, they buy people… the more real you are the more people will connect with you.

2. What’s in it for them.

Tell people right up front why they should watch your video, what are they going to get out of it. (and make sure you’re creating a video they’re going to get something out of!)

3. The content.

This is what you’ve promised them in #2 so make sure you give it. I suggest 3 tips for videos because you want to keep your videos relatively short ~ preferably under 3 minutes… it’s an ADD world out there these days.

4. Call to Action.

Remember, you decided before making your video what you wanted it to do for you? Well here’s where you tell people how to do that. If you don’t tell people what to do next, they’ll just do nothing. So tell them… like my page, comment below, go to my site… whatever it is you can have them do to accomplish the mission of your video ~ do that.

So there you have it 4 crucial elements every video must have to convert. Stay tuned next week when I’ll give you some tips on making videos that actually get watched.

I hope you don’t just read this post, and watch this video and go on your merry way. Video is POWERFUL. Find time TODAY to create a video, and post it to youtube!! Then come back and leave a link. We’ll check it out and give you some social love, and get more eyes on your video.


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  1. I have stayed away from video so far, because it’s a new skill plus I don’t like video. I always prefer to scan the article then take the time to watch a whooole long youtube video. | :P

  2. Videos are seen by many as more effective to convey call to action campaigns than articles. These 4 elements that you mentioned here are critical. Many tend to not emphasize on “what’s in it for me” type of messages. This is extremely important for one to be able to pull off a successful call to action at the end.

  3. These are some great tips. #4 should be in bold and in all caps :) This seems to be the most overlooked part of video marketing. I’ve seen videos where the address to the website just sits at the bottom of the video, or they show it at the end. People don’t respond to things like that, you have to tell them, “go to this website” or “click the link below.”

  4. sweet! what a great video marketing tips! this inspire me to create a video for my blogs too!

  5. sweet! excellent video, i love the suggestions you have shared. thanks a bunch.

  6. We have some HD videos on our blog submitted to us by riders. Will we lose the videos on the site if we post them to youtube?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      No they’ll stay on your site, they will just show up on youtube as well… BUT make sure you have permission to upload them to youtube before you do that.

  7. Is there some way for you to have that link in the beginning of your video actually link to your site? When I click on it, I only pause the video.

  8. Hi Jackie,
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated tips on video making.I do agree that now VLOGGING is becoming more popular and the reason behind it is that this is only a fantastic way to be get connected with you audience more effectively.Okay now the problem which i am facing is hesitation,i have tried to make a video of mine many times,but whenever i try i start to fumble.So i need some of your valuable tips on my this situation Jackie.Because this one is the first hurdle for me to cross and only after that i can able to apply your these 4 tips.I am really curious to know some great solutions from you on my this problem.I hope i have found a right place and a right person for my solution.

    Thank you for sharing such a great and valuable content with us Jackie.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua

  9. WEIRD…this post comes just in time for me. I have been thinking a lot about branding and relationships and I really think video is where it’s at. I think you can really connect with video and that is what my business is lacking. Soooo I’m ordering a new camera (the one I have sucks) and I’ll be back to show you my video.

    So I see you are using a flid hd camera. Do you use a small tripod too? Also, what are you using to edit?

    Can’t wait to get the tip on stage fright…I’ve recorded a couple of videos in the past and it took me like 50 times because I was so nervous lol!!

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I do use a flip, and I have a tabletop tripod ~ sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes it’s not. I’ve also used books and anything else to set the camera on to get it at the right height/angle lol. I haven’t really been using anything to edit my flip videos because movie maker doesn’t handle hd files… so I make sure to have a strong Call to action in the video… however, Youtube has an editing feature now. I’m going to check that out and see what all you can do with it. I’ll let you know how it goes. :) The stage fright tip is coming next week. :)

      • Hmm I wonder if I should get a HD camera or not? I want to be able to do editing…although I did see the edit feature at youtube. I have an old flip but the sound was always very bad when I uploaded to the web. Maybe I just need a mic?

        • Jackie Lee says:

          The picture on HD is so nice. :) BUT it is a huge PITA that I can’t use movie maker with it. If the image was good for you, then I’d keep it and just look for an external mic.

  10. Klara@plastischeChirurgie says:

    wow nice advices, i was even thinking to make an own video. i have got ideas, now i already know how to make it good. i only dont know what kind of equipment do i need for it. i guess youtube doesn’t support the best quality images, so maybe i dont need a professional camcorder. theres a camera in my phone, but i dont’ know if it is enough. on the screen of the camera, it looks quite good, but on the computer screen it is a bit blurry and dark. do i need a DSLR to it? how do you do the videos?

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Hi Klara,
      You don’t need a big fancy camera ~ the camera on your phone will work… I use my flip video camera for my videos. It’s HD ~ but before I had it, I had another little handheld video camera that wasn’t HD ~ they both worked great ~ the only reason I got the flip is because I lost my first one. In fact, I kind of liked the other one because movie maker doesn’t work on HD video. Your videos don’t have to be movie quality ~ people just want to connect with YOU.. the real you, and the value you have to share.

  11. I’ve seen a lot of great videos having a single problem – no intro.
    Whenever i watch such a vid i feel like i got late to the cinema and i ended up in the middle of the movie.
    More people should pay attention to this.

  12. I choose reading over watching any day. But I realize that most people don’t think like me and that the times are changing for the bloggers. “Vlogging” will soon become a mainstream of expression. I guess that I’ll have to get rid of this stage fright soon.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I think you’re right Ana… stay tuned I’m going to do a video next week on overcoming “stage fright” I’ve got a very nifty trick that works like a champ. :)

  13. You’re talking a lot about building a brand and there is one thing I have been thinking of, that might interest people who are too “shy” to be in a video. I prefer videos that aren’t too professional, where I can see a “real” human being, a guy/girl next door type of person. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing tons of make-up or if you stutter and trip over words because that’s the way a lot of people like it! I found myself turning off a video that seemed to have major production behind it, to me it looked too much like a tv commercial and I can watch those on tv, right? ;)

    • Jackie Lee says:

      I totally agree Elin,

      It’s not about making a perfect video ~ it’s about being real ~ who you are. You want people to get a feel for the real you…and when they do they will connect to you and it becomes very easy to build upon that connection to create a relationship!

  14. Yes Sally it is Animoto I use their HD version … a person can use images, text or video clips to enhance your message … there are endless possibilities.

  15. Hey Jackie,

    I really admire people who are brave enough to record themselves on camera and share it with the entire world. Just having the guts enough to do that puts you ahead of most people I think. I really like your point about giving people actionable steps. I find that when I am browsing around the net reading blog posts or whatever, you see a lot of people who give general advice about things but never give any actionable steps. They expect you to come up with that part on your own. But, we know that people don’t do that. Unless you tell them specifically to do this or do that, they just don’t do it.

  16. Great video marketing tips.
    I have stayed away from video so far, because it’s a new skill plus I don’t like video. I always prefer to scan the article then take the time to watch a whooole long youtube video.
    But 3 tips and under 3 minutes. Love it. Plus Google is putting videos in the SERPS and it’s much easier to rank for videos then competing with articles.
    Nice post. thanks

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Thanks for the comment, and I have to say I’m the same way. I would much rather read an article than watch a video. However… I think we might be in the minority. :) AND you’re right, Google (who now owns youtube) is ranking videos pretty easily… so with just a little keyword research you can get your link, and your content on the front page.

  17. Great tips Jackie! If I may I would like to add that we should be very careful with the “call to action”- not to make it too commercial….

    • Jackie Lee says:

      It depends what you’re trying to do with your video… it may at time be appropriate to ask for the sale. But video is best when used to get people into your funnel… let the selling come later.

  18. I was not a real believer in video … until… I made a video uploaded it on YouTube and then forgot about for months… one day I was doing a search and noticed my video was on page 3 of Google … doing well in the SERPS yet I did NOTHING to promote it … then it hit me… the value of video besides just getting the likes/views etc… I started to brainstorm ways of promoting the videos … much the same way I was promoting my articles via article marketing … in a short time the results started coming in… and continue.
    Video is like any other marketing effort it requires a plan and working the plan.

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Excellent points Steven. and a great video. It’s important to do a little keyword research and optimize your videos… (which is a great subject for yet another blog post lol). Thanks for your input.

  19. Hi Jackie,

    Really ejoyed this video – you`re a real natural!

    Jackie I`m curious I remember you being not too kean on video & now you seem to have changed your mind! Is there a particular reason?


    • Jackie Lee says:

      I’m not super keen on WATCHING video or learning via video… but I am smart enough to see there is a huge pool of people who do. I actually really enjoy making video ~ I’d just rather read if I’m going to study something personally. :) In business we have to be flexible and move with the trends ~ people LOVE video… so I’m going to go with that, and provide video. ;)

  20. Jackie … GOOD call … you need to reach thru the monitor and grab them by the throat and scream VIDEO …ok maybe not that radical :)
    I have been focusing on video lately and the results are impressive… can’t say enough about it… and a person does not have to be a genuis about it … I am a rookie getting results!

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