Web Traffic Series: Repurposing Your Content

To tell you the truth I was going to do a post on Facebook today but here’s the deal… I haven’t quite figured out how to drive good traffic from FB quite yet ~ so if you want to learn more about facebook I suggest you check out Mari Smith. She is a pro. If you’re looking to build a facebook fanpage your best bet on that is Pat Flynn’s post on Building Fanpages. It’s what I followed to build mine.

So what am I going to talk about instead?

Recycling. :) No, not your bottles and cans… your content.

Over the weekend I finally got on one of the calls for The Ultimate Traffic Summit.  (Willie Crawford’s doing his presentation tonight which will be well worth checking out). Anyway… I had signed up last week and finally rememberd at the right time and got on the webinar for Kim Roach.  On the webinar she talked about 5 different ways to drive more traffic to your site.

Let me tell you this… I hadn’t heard of ANY of them, and ALL of them were not that difficult to implement. If you want a copy of the webinar or a transcript you can get them at the Ultimate Traffic Summit ~ while the webinars are free the replays are not just so you know.

I was amazed at the things she is doing and I’m going to share one with you that I plan to implement immediately, because it’s not that much more work, because you’re repurposing work you’ve already done. :) Yay, I like that.

If you’ve been writing articles, blog posts, or have some plr related to your topic you’re in luck. (and if you don’t have ANY of those things… you better get busy!).

What you’re going to do is take your content (that you’ve already published or PLR you have sitting on your hard drive) and turn it into a pdf.

Steps to making a pdf.

1. Get open office. You can download it for free.

2. Open a text doc in open office and paste your content (articles/posts/plr) in it.

You want to use 5 to 10 articles so you’ll have a decent sized pdf.

3. Write some content to connect the posts so it works together well.

4. Add a footer with a link to your site.

Go to the “insert” link at the top of the open office document and click it. You’ll see “footer” click that and a space will open where you can write in your footer. I like to center them, just highlight and click the center icon in the text editor area ~ just like in wordpress.

5. You can pretty is up if you want, add a border or something, but it’s not necessary.

6. Go to the beginning and give it a title (use a bigger font) and write a short intro about yourself, who you are, what you do, and your website address.

7. At the end write a quick promo to move people to your site/squeeze page.

8. Turn it into a pdf.

Go to the file link at the top of the document and then you’ll see “export as pdf”. Just click it. YES! it is just that easy. :) Don’t worry about the box that comes up, leave everything default and just click export. A save it here box will come up, just save it where you want it on your hard drive.  The text document will stay open, but if you go where you saved the pdf you’ll see it’s there. :)

** If you are building a list this is an excellent way to add people to your list. Instead of putting your blog url in the footer, description and promo area add your squeeze page address **

Now unbeknownst to you I just showed you how to create an EBOOK. :) So remember that for later when you want to create your own product (oh and by the way ~ what you just created could actually be a product if you put a little more work into it in that, adding a little more content, a little more polishing etc. :) )

Now you have this pdf/ebook what are you going to do with it?

1. Submit it to free ebook directories.


2. Submit your ebook to document sharing sites.


3. Find membership sites on a related topic and allow them to use your content in their membership site. (If you’re building a list I’d suggest you make it so people have to opt in to get the report)

Is your head spinning yet? I know mine was!

You can further repurpose your articles as well. Now I haven’t done any of this yet so I can’t do complete tutorials, but here’s some other options.

1. Create a video based on your article and submit it to video sharing sites. Make sure you use keywords in the description and add your website in the video.

2. Pull the audio out of your video and submit it to podcasting sites. You could also do this without the video, and just create audios of your articles using a free teleconference line or audacity.

3. Create a powerpoint slideshow of your ebook/articles and submit it to slideshow sharing websites (yes, there is such a thing can you believe it?)

The more you get your stuff out there, the further your reach the more traffic you’re going to get. I hope this gets you thinking a little bit outside of the box. If you visit Kim’s site go ahead and sign up for her freebie ~ it’s WELL worth it. Tons and tons of traffic ideas that are very doable. :)

If you’ve got some time this evening  sign up for the Ultimate Traffic Telesummit and listen in to what Willie Crawford has to say ~ he’s a master. :)

oh one last thing ~ since it’s traffic related. A great post over at the MaxBlog Success Stories blog today, check it out.

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  1. WOO HOO!!! Congrats!! :)

    • Just wanted to add some important extra things to this:
      1) You can also get primo pdf, a free PDF maker where you just drag your document to the desktop icon and it automatically converts your doc.

      2)You should add metatags to your document. You can use a free program called BeCyPDFM. It will let you add plenty of extra metatags.

      3) After you upload your metatagged document in a free PDF directory, you should ping it at Pingler, a free service.

  2. Well YIPEE!!

    I just created my first EBook and boy was that EASY! Although now my new puppy thinks I’m a lunatic for doing the happy dance of joy once it was done. :)

    Thanks again Jackie!

  3. Yes, I just finished Blog Mastermind last month. It was very good. Where are you studying with Gideon?

    • Congratulations on graduating! Haha, I can not wait until that day comes.

      I found Giden through Yaro. I joined a 3.5 hour seminar that Gideon put on about youtube marketing. It was incredible. Gideon is an awesome teacher and knows a lot about video marketing. I strongly suggest you follow his blog at gideonshalwick.com.

      I believe you can buy the seminar as he recorded it of course. I paid $100 and it was worth every single penny. If you have ever thought about doing video marketing then check it out. I can find out how you can buy it from him if you are at all interested.

      I am going to publish my first few videos this weekend so that is very exciting. It will be by far my #1 marketing method. Ezine articles would be right up there if I had a decent click through rate (its at about 6% unfortunately).

  4. wow ~ glad you guys are enjoying this post!! well it’s almost a new month do you all want to start working on building a list and putting together small reports etc? If you want we can focus on that in March. :)

    • Yes, I need to start building a list as soon as possible.


      You signed up for Blog Mastermind, correct? I did back in December and LOVE it. I am only on Lesson 5 due to the fact that I am learning a lot outside of BM such as Youtube Marketing from his good friend Gideon Shalwick. I am sure you know who he is now too. Both of them are such wonderful teachers.

  5. Awesome info Jackie – I’ve got a TON of PLR that I could use for this. I’m with Michele up there – I’d love to find a way to put little ebooks like that on my site to sell OR giveaway to start building a list. Is there a way to do that on Squidoo lenses or Blogger blogs?

  6. This is one of my favorite posts of all time out of any blog I have ever read. I am serious!

    I have become waaaaay more open-minded about life over the past few months and I have one word… WOW.

    It has transformed my life and is on its way to transforming my business too. I love to think outside the box and do things that the average blogger would not do. Thanks for all the ideas Jackie! Your posts are so informative :)

  7. Thank you so much for the great content! I don’t any reason to repurpose (because I am new to blogging and such), however I plan on working towards that!

    This information was very helpful and very informative!
    Thank You

  8. Well Jackie that is something. I have alot of articles to pull from my posts and my computer. This recycling is makeing alot of sense. Thank you Jackie for this.

  9. Hey Jackie thank you very much for all that great

    I do have lots of stuff I could repurpose… just needed
    a shove to get me going!

    Fran :)

  10. I admit I haven’t tried this yet but can you only send the pdf as an email attachment or is there a way to put a link on your wordpress site so if they go to your site they can just click on it. I’m asking this because I was thinking of putting together a little booklet and sell it say for $5. OK as I’m writing this I realize you would then have to hook up the link to some payment processor like paypal…..yeesh…maybe a topic for another post?

    Or maybe give the book for free with your affiliate links inside? But how could you get it so they click on the link and it downloads? I’m not sure how that works?

    Maybe all for a couple of other posts? Or you could write an ebook about this and we could buy it? LOL


  11. Hey Jackie!

    I have no idea on how to make a good squeeze page! Can you point me in that direction?



  12. It’s like you read my mind – I’d been timidly thinking about writing an Ebook but it seemed overwhelmingly complicated. Thanks for the simple approach!

    Since you mentioned audio: I noticed that you had Odiogo on one of your posts but I haven’t noticed it again. What did you think of it?

    • Hey Debbie ~

      right after I put odiogo on the blog I had an issue with using too much server space on my server, which caused them to shut down my blog. I wasn’t sure if odiogo caused it, but it was the only thing I had changed recently so I took it off. Although I do think it’s super cool.


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