Your Code Is Showing ~ Managing the Big Arrow Module

Of all the modules used in Squidoo the one I see mistakes (if you can call them that) on the most is the big arrow module. I guess people find it a little confusing, and that’s probably because Squidoo makes it so simple. :)

I thought I would go through today and show you just how to put your information in the Big Arrow module so you don’t get your code showing through on your lens.

(I’m gonna do a pictorial walk through and then I’ll shoot a quick video ~ trying to make everyone happy here)

To get started you’re going to need the affiliate¬† link for your product from Amazon.

Once you highlight your url (like the above image) right click and then choose copy.¬† Now you’re going to take that link to Squidoo.

There’s 3 steps to filling in the big arrow module:

1. Enter your affiliate link in the top box.

2. Fill in your product keyword in the second box

3. Click save.

If you’ve got code showing when you look at your big arrow module when your lens is published it is because you’ve grabbed code from Amazon instead of JUST the url ~ they give you a lot more, you just need the actual url.

Here’s a quick video showing the process. I also show you how it will look if you acccidentally grab code from Amazon, that way if you see some code in your link you will know what the problem is and how to fix it.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion about the big arrow module at Squidoo. If you have other module specific questions feel free to ask them in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them. :) Don’t forget if you need some one on one squidoo help I’m always here :)

Make it a great day and take action!

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  1. Hi Jackie,
    After reading all the replies to this post, I realized that there were only two of us who did not understand what you were talking about. I’m guessing you must have emailed the other person because there is no response to her question on here. Anyway, I surely hope she was able to get her question answered.

    Here’s the thing; I have no clue which module you are referring to. Am I just being completely dense or, do I actually not have that module on my lens? I’d really appreciate it if you could help me figure out what it is that I’m missing. Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.

    ~ Yaya

    • Jackie Lee says:

      Squidoo has changed the look and name of the module. It is now called big arrow link and it only has 1 grey arrow pointing to the link instead of the two big orange ones. If you go to add modules at the top of the page, and then click “all modules” then click the B you’ll see it in the list.

  2. says:

    This was exactly the tip I needed at exactly the right time!

    Thanks for all your help! You make everything so straightforward and easy to follow.


  3. Jackie,

    I like to look at your lenses for reference in addition to going over the tutorials.

    Where do you get images for your lenses? I have been just finding images for my lenses by googling. Are there any hard and fast rules about this?

    I used to use flickr with the creative common license, but I can’t always find what I need. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks Jackie,

    upon receiving your email I want to say Thanks There was a mistake on one of the Big Arrows and i would not have even thought to check except for the heads up mailing. there is a wealth if information here and I happy to have found your site.
    .-= Theresa@bodyblade´s last blog ..BodyBlade Lite updated Sat Mar 20 2010 8:07 pm CDT =-.

  5. odie dancer says:

    Found It. Clicked Add Moduel icon

  6. odie dancer says:

    This is a great video but the most simplest for me would be first to show me how to add the big arrow moduel. In the mean time I will scroll around Squidoo to see if I can find it.

  7. Thanks so much Jackie, I was able to do the hyperlinks. You’ve been such a great help, specially to beginners like me.

    Your generosity shall be rewarded many times over. May your tribe increase.

  8. If you go to the articles page (top right on the navigation bar) you’ll find a couple posts that talk about how to do links in your posts.

  9. Hi Jackie,

    You really made it very clear and simple. Was able to do it on my lens.

    There’s one last thing that’s bothering me. Jackie, how do you make a hyperlink to a product using the text (keyword phrase) in your content? Can’t find articles in squidoo relating to this.


  10. Hi Jackie, This is simple, I thought it was much harder. Thanks alot for making this post, the process is purely child play. Thanks again for this.

  11. All I use for the tutorials is Jing ~ no need for irfanview in the tutorials. I just use irfanview to add space and text in the call to action ~ the tutorials are just jing.

  12. That’s all part of jing ~ you can add text (which shows up with the box around it), highlighting, arrows and some other things within jing.

  13. LOL I understand. How do you get the borders around your text boxes and add the arrows in Irfanview?

    I’m familiar with Irfanview but somehow I can’t figure it out.

    Thanks Jackie! =)

  14. oh it’s really hard for me to do that ~ I’ve wanted to, because you can’t use jing to take images of jing in action lol

  15. I use a free program called Jing just like I described in the call to action tutorial. :) Super easy, and totally free. I love it and use it for everything!!

  16. Great tutorial Jackie! I’d love to know how you create the pictorial walkthroughs. What program do you use for the screenshots and added comments?

    Perhaps you could do a tutorial on how to create a tutorial?? =)

    Thanks again for the Squidoo help!

  17. Thanks
    I was just thinking right before I saw this help in my email that I did not know how to do this. The universe does provide right when you need it.

  18. Yes you do. You have to be able to get an affiliate link to put in the module. :)

  19. Do I need to get an Amazon affliate account in order to
    use the big arrow module for Amazon in Squidoo? I can not find the select link type.

  20. A special thank you. You make it look so easy. Will be checking back for more of your good stuff. You’re a doll!

  21. You really know what a beginner needs. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Keep the good stuff coming.

  22. LMAO. Thanks for the smile Frank. :D

  23. STOP IT – that was too easy! *L*

    Thanks Jackie for all your help!


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